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Wolfgang Petry: The Singer’s Fortune

How rich is Wolfgang Petry?

Wool Petry is one of the most famous male pop stars in Germany. His title “Wahnsinn” dates back to 1983. Nevertheless, this song is still unforgettable today. The same also applies to the hit “Fall in love, lost, forgotten, forgive” from 1992. The singer himself says that he has already sold 18 million records. That these numbers could indeed be correct can be seen from the musician’s estimated fortune. After all, the German music great is a multiple millionaire. The cherished Wolfgang Petry’s assets are 12 million euros.

The beginning as a pop singer

Fees from Wolfgang Petry
When Wolfgang Petry, whose real name is actually Franz Hubert Wolfgang Remling, was discovered, he was around 24 years old. Petry had already lived out his love for music during his time as a precision mechanic. In 1975 he was seen in a Forsbach disco, where a production team consisting of Karin Hartmann and Tony Hendrik became aware of today’s star. As early as December 1976, the pop singer was able to shine with his debut album. His debut single, “Summer in the city”, brought the newcomer to 16th place in the charts, so wool celebrated his first big hit.

In July 1976 he was seen with his single on the ZDF hit parade. In this format, the television viewers made it very clear what they thought of Wolfgang Petry. While Jürgen Drews grabbed the first hit parade with the unforgettable hit “In Bett im Kornfeld”, Petry made the jump to a very good second place. From then on things quickly improved for the Cologne native, even though his first number 1 studio album was only granted in 1998. In 2000 and 2015 the star made it to the top of the charts again with his LPs.

A German hit legend

Income from Wolfgang Petry
He also proves that Wolfgang Petry is far from the old iron of the hit world Album “Right now!” From 2018. With this LP, which was released on November 30, 2018, he was able to secure a remarkable third place. His fans have remained loyal to him, even though his album “Happy Man” from 2017 was far less well received with its ranking of 65th. Many fans prefer to hear hits by Wolle Petry, while “Happy Man” was full of English songs from the blues, rock and country genres.

Wolfang Petry has earned his fortune mainly with his hits with considerable catchy tune potential. Petry has also received the ECHO Pop five times in the “Schlager / Folk Music Artist national / international” category. This award in the years 1997 to 2001 cemented Wolles role as today’s hit rock in this country. From 1996 to 2006, Wolfgang Petry received the golden tuning fork throughout, with the exception of 2004.

Another pop star has to imitate him first. In the meantime, the passionate musician has also made a name for himself as a rock singer. However, the family man does not present his rock tones as wool Petry, but as Pete Wolf. His son also made use of the name Petry as a singer and songwriter. He appears as Achim Petry.

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