3 Website Elements You Might Not Have Considered

Your website is probably going to be the first way that any potential customer will have any kind of interaction with your business. This is why it has to be exactly how you want it, and exactly how your customers are going to like using it. It’s all very well to have a website, but if it doesn’t contain all the right elements, it isn’t helping you attract new customers and make more sales.

There are many elements that go into making the ideal website, and many, such as having good navigation, links that work, and an attractive design, are perhaps fairly obvious. However, there are other elements that you might not have thought of that are crucial if you want your website to work for you and to attract customers. Read on for some more information.

Accessibility Overlay

Unless you are a web designer or you know a lot about IT, you might not have heard of an accessibility overlay. This is a pieces of software which helps people with disabilities interact more easily with the online world. This could be one of the most important elements to include in your website. If you use it, you could easily get ahead of your competition and keep your customers happy.

An accessibility overlay is an automated piece of software that detects and changes the site to improve accessibility by changing font size, color, and contrast, for example, as requested by the user. They help people with disabilities interact with the online world in a way that suits them and alters the page in a way that the user needs. In this way, your site will comply with all the accessibility regulations and you won’t fall foul of ADA violations. It’s best to speak to experts about this, as there are many website overlay facts and myths to consider. However, the reality is that this element on your website could save you a lot of problems.

Mobile Optimization

Did you know that 60.67 percent of all traffic to websites comes from mobile devices? This figure is perhaps surprisingly high now, and it will only grow. More and more people prefer to browse on a handheld device rather than sit behind a desk working at a laptop. They want to be able to browse websites wherever they are. Ideally, they want to be able to make purchases or inquiries through the same devices they are browsing on.

This is why your website must be optimized for mobile devices. If it is not, you’ll only be capturing forty percent of the potential traffic you could have. You’ll be missing out on a vast number of potential new customers and a lot of sales. Make sure your website is mobile-optimized, and you should see an immediate increase in visitors.


It’s easy to assume you must fill up every square inch of the screen when designing a website. You want to include as much information as possible, and you must ensure that every customer finds what they want when they visit your site.

However, the old saying ‘less is more’ is worth remembering here. It can often be better to have whitespace on your website instead of trying to fill every part of the screen on every page. In this way, you won’t be making your website too crowded and difficult to read, which can be overwhelming for visitors who prefer something a little calmer to look at.

When you leave whitespace, it makes the website easier to use and denotes a certain sophistication in your design that will make you stand out.

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