Why are Saltwater Pools the Popular Choice?

Saltwater pools operate a unique system that uses electrolysis to produce chlorine gas and its dissolved forms from saltwater. The products from the electrolytic chlorine generator are used as sanitizing agents for the pool water. 

Contrary to common belief, the water in saltwater pools is not the same as ocean water. The water has approximately ten times less salt. However, it’s the perfect salt concentration to keep the water clean and clear, explaining why saltwater pools have gained popularity over the years. Here is why Palm Cove pools are so popular.

Lower Chlorine Levels

Saltwater pools use an electrolytic chlorine generator to source chlorine from salt. As a result, the pool water has lower chlorine levels than traditional pools. The low concentration makes the water gentler on the skin, eyes, and hair. Traditional pools use chlorine products which release chloramines into the water – the resulting effect is a pungent smell and irritation.  

The lower chlorine levels in saltwater pools offer a softer and smoother feel. The pool water feels silkier and provides a more pleasant swimming experience.

Lower Maintenance

Saltwater pools require less maintenance than traditional pools. The self-regulating chlorine generator helps maintain consistent chlorine levels, reducing the need for regular manual adjustments. The maintenance procedures for traditional pools include testing the water’s chemical balance, adding commercial chlorine products, shocking the pool, and adding additional chemicals to help balance the pH, total alkalinity, free chlorine, calcium hardness, and free bromine. On the other hand, saltwater pools use an electrolytic chlorine generator to self-regulate the chemical concentration in the pool.

Save Money

While the initial installation cost of a saltwater pool may be higher than traditional pools, how much you save in the long run is quite significant. Saltwater pools have lower maintenance costs since the system is self-regulating. Furthermore, the system is cheaper to operate. Nonetheless, the electrolytic chlorine generator needs maintenance, and the generator cell must be replaced every few years. 

Eco-friendly Option

Saltwater pools are considered more environmentally friendly because they use fewer chemicals. The electronic chlorine generator reduces the need for transporting, storing, and handling large amounts of chlorine, which has significant environmental impacts.

Commercial chlorine products used in traditional pools are dangerous and require special storage facilities. The products must be locked away to prevent accidental spills and unauthorized access. On the other hand, the electrolytic chlorine generator improves safety at home since the system does not handle dangerous chemicals.

Extended Chlorine Lifespan

The chlorine produced by the electrolytic chlorine generator has a longer lifespan than traditional chlorine products. As a result, there is a reduced need for shock treatments and a lower frequency of chlorine additions.

Health Benefits of Saltwater

Swimming in saltwater has some health benefits, such as improved skin and respiratory health. The saltwater also has healthy minerals and no harsh chemicals. Furthermore, the good swimming experience enjoyed in saltwater pools encourages users to spend more time doing laps and improving their cardiovascular health.

Algae Control

Saltwater pools are more effective at controlling algae growth. The steady chlorine levels from the electrolytic chlorine generator prevent algae from flourishing. As a result, the pool remains clear and clean.

Although saltwater pools offer several advantages, they may not be suitable for everyone or every situation. One of the biggest drawbacks of the pool is the high upfront costs. Procuring an electrolytic chlorine generator will cost you an arm and a leg. Furthermore, replacing the generator cells is expensive, and saltwater pools need experts to complete repairs and maintenance procedures – the system is too delicate and complex for standard technicians. 

The final decision on owning a saltwater pool boils down to your preferences. It’s a worthwhile investment with innumerable benefits and a unique swimming experience. Despite the few drawbacks, many people want saltwater pools. Try it; you will love it. 


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