How to Write Effective Email Subject Lines

The subject line of the email is a single-line header that shows the intent of the email. The importance of the subject line in email marketing can’t be ignored because of its being the first impression on the recipient. For some marketers, they are an afterthought, and this is the reason their email marketing campaign doesn’t bring the desired results.

The subject line for email needs to be the first priority for the marketer. It isn’t difficult to write effective subject lines for emails. But the marketer needs to be careful about their goal and then write the subject line accordingly. We have worked on what is the role of subject lines and some tips that can help the marketer get better results. The details are given as follows.

The readers can also make use of some email templates that can be used in the marketing campaign.

Role of Subject Lines for Email in Email Marketing

After you have made an effort to write the copy and design a visually appealing email, you need to make sure that the recipient opens your email. If you send this email and the recipient doesn’t even bother to open it or delete it, then all the effort has gone to waste. There might be different reasons for it, but the biggest is the role of the subject line.

As said earlier, the subject line is one of the most important aspects of email marketing; it helps determine the success ratio of the campaign. It determines whether the recipient opens the email or not. Thus, it needs equal effort as the rest of the email to make it a success.

Some Tips to Write Effective Subject Lines

We have compiled some tips that can be useful in determining the success of an email marketing campaign. These are given as follows.

Short and Precise

The first thing to keep in mind while writing subject lines is to keep them short and precise. If it is like an essay and doesn’t have precision, it won’t bring any positive results. Instead, the recipient will prefer to send it to junk. If the subject line of the email isn’t below 40 characters, most people ignore it.

Oftentimes, the inbox of users is filled with different kinds of emails. Therefore, they prefer to scan and see which one of them is urgent. If your subject line is too long and unreadable, it won’t bring any fruitful results.

Avoiding Spam Words

The use of spam words in emails can land your marketing email in the junk folder. You need to be sure about what to put in subject line. If the email is expressly sales, then it is likely to be sent to the junk folder. The use of overly promotional language can also have negative impacts on the campaign.

Use of Open-ended Questions

Questions can be used to focus the readers’ attention on the email. Questions make the readers curious. Thus, it will make the recipient open the email to get an answer. Open-ended questions are a great way to pique the curiosity of the readers.

Including a deadline

You can prioritize the email to ensure that the recipient opens the email. Including a deadline in the subject line will help create a sense of urgency which will increase the chances of the email being opened.

A good strategy in this regard can be the use of a sequence of emails that will include different steps. Each step will have deadlines that can be used to attract readers.

Use of Teaser

Teasers can also have a great impact on the audience as they can be used to attract readers. They draw people because of the curiosity they create. They give a preview of what the email might have for them. A great subject line can do everything for you.

Clear Command

It is better to include a direct command in the subject line. If there is a direct CTA for the users, then it can be included in a subtle manner in the subject line.

Sharing Something Valuable

If you have brought something of value to the readers, you need to share it in the subject line. If the subject line shows value to the reader, they might proceed to read the email. It is the central part of a fruitful strategy.

Making an Announcement

You can also include an announcement in the subject line. It can be about something regarding your organization or what you have brought to the customer.


Email subject lines are of critical value to the success of the email marketing campaign. Some marketers might ask, ‘Why is it important to write something in the subject line of emails?’ The answer to it is simple, it tells about what is written in the email. Thus, if the given tips are utilized, it can boost the email marketing campaign. 


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