4 Best Temporary Storage Solutions in 2022

When it comes to finding the proper storage solutions for your stuff, you want to find contract-free, month-to-month arrangements. Although these conditions are not always possible, there are plenty of storage solutions out there that can accommodate these needs for temporary storage. When you run into these options, the next question is whether your belongings will be safe in their temporary solution. Identifying the red flags and what to look for in storage just got a lot easier with this guide on 4-best storage solutions for 2022. Read on for more.

1. Temporary Storage Solutions

Temporary Storage Solutions

If you need to keep your items stored for days or weeks while you’re moving, look for professional moving companies with sturdy containers that are weather-resistant and stored inside at safe temperatures.

You might look to storage containers for rent. As portable containers, you can rely on the safekeeping of these containers at the facility until it is time for them to be delivered to your location. You might also be able to access your containers in-between if you call and make an appointment.

2. Facilities With Safety Features

Unless you plan to rent your space for many months, you probably won’t see significant rises in rental costs. However, keep in mind that month-to-month storage solutions can help upcharge you between months if they want to. There are no lease terms, so the companies are free to change rates as they wish.

If you’re looking to save more, try booking your storage units online. You might come across discounted rates via the company website or by calling the facility directly. To find storage facilities that will keep your items secure, avoid facilities that don’t include security protections like managers on-site, controlled-access gates, security cameras, and pest control services.

3. Find Locals Willing To Help

Another option to consider is finding someone willing to hold your stuff for you for a flat rate or via monthly payments. If you’ve just moved with no time to spare, or relocated to a new state and need some storage space, but not a ton, you might be able to find someone with extra garage space who is willing to hold your stuff for you.

You want to establish terms and trust with this person before agreeing, but this might be a necessary option for you if you’re on a budget. You can even create a contract to formalize the agreement and ensure that both parties hold up their end of the agreement. You can look for options on ad placement websites and neighborhood platforms to find locals who might be willing to help.

4. Companies That Offer Monthly Renewals

Sometimes, you might not know exactly how long you’ll need storage space, so with renewals, you’ll get the extra time you may need without paying more than you need for accommodations.

There are many moving-related situations where the need to access storage units for only a month or so at a time is important. If the only option you see is long-term agreements with leases, you’ll only spend more money for storage time you won’t be using. Instead of wasting your money, look for companies that offer monthly renewals so that you can stick to a month-to-month schedule that does not cost you more money.

The Bottom Line

Don’t pay more than you need just to keep your belongings safe! Finding the best temporary storage solutions in 2022 boils down to your financial needs and the logistics of your timeframe for relocating. Consider the four suggestions above as you organize your move and find the right storage solution for you.


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