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5 Examples of Winning Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

With the arrival of 2021, it is expected that you are planning how to improve every aspect of your life, and that includes taking your company to the next level.

One of the advantages of a new year is that we have the opportunity to start over, but above all, to reflect on our mistakes and analyze what we can learn from them.

And since we are also in the new year plan, new strategies, we decided to take this opportunity to talk about the digital marketing strategies that you have to apply in your company this 2021.

But before we move on to our examples, we first need to talk a bit about what we learned from the year and what we can no longer do in the digital marketing industry in 2021.

What 2020 taught us about digital marketing

What if this year the decade ends, that if it begins in 2021 … It doesn’t matter which side you are on. At a social level, we all have this feeling of closing cycles and analyzing what happened during the last ten years.

Perhaps the most significant change that touched us as an industry was seeing the rise and almost the fall of tools like Facebook, which has completely transformed from being a social network where you could share and write a status nearly every hour to be a platform to do business, get leads and promote your product.

This has a lot to do with the fact that thanks to technology, in the last ten years, we have come to think almost exclusively about the digital aspect of marketing. And this myth is one of those that have given us more work to throw away.

Let me explain, ten years ago, although the Internet and its possibilities allowed us to open ourselves to a unknown market, and they also made us rethink the way we did marketing a bit.

As you may remember, we could say that there are two types of marketing: outbound and inbound. In the outbound, the strategies were more of an interruption; that is, methods were used that interrupted the day-to-day of the users. For example, an advertisement on TV or radio, a billboard, or even give them a brochure when users go on the street.

These types of disruption strategies are the ones we associate most with marketing, and that is why it is not surprising that when we made the jump to digital, we tried to imitate. Strategies that focused on presenting the product to the user can be very annoying and not well received.



It is essential that before you design your 2021 digital marketing strategy, you have your objectives very clear. These will be the basis for knowing which metrics you will use to measure results and where to focus your efforts.

In contrast, in the digital world, this interruption is not well received. Take, for example, banners and pay-per-click ads. More and more users are interested in finding tools and methods to escape from annoying ads.

This is when the inbound methodology comes to say hello. Although it was not something new, it did combine very well with the tools and possibilities that the Internet offered, such as web positioning and content creation.

In inbound marketing, we focus more on the user experience, offering quality content to attract our users and find us (instead of going “out on the street” to look for them), and creating automation and marketing strategies. Nutrition allows us to make the user fall in love so that once they decide to make their purchase, they do so with us, and at the same time, place us as the number one option to experiment on the subject.

In recent years, inbound marketing has been positioned on everyone’s lips. Still, suppose there is something that we have learned, especially throughout 2019. In that case, not everyone is obvious that inbound is also a methodology that needs to evolve, especially to make you stand out from your competition in a market as competitive as the one that exists on the Internet.

On the other hand, not everyone has understood that there are apparent differences between inbound marketing, digital marketing, and even content marketing. Many companies still have very archaic ideas of what they want to do as a strategy, but because they do not know very well what it is, they have not yet been able to design or draw up an effective method for their businesses.

What to leave in 2020

Before we move on to our five examples of winning digital marketing strategies in 2021, we need to talk about the mistakes we can no longer make in 2021.

Many of these errors are situations that worked a few years ago. Today, both the platforms have changed as well as the interests of the industry that, although they are not bad strategies, they may just be diluting your budget and not helping you achieve your goals.

That digital marketing is the same as inbound marketing

We already mentioned it one of the main barriers between creating a winning strategy is the fact that not everyone knows how to differentiate what is a digital marketing and what is inbound marketing or how these two methodologies can help them generate loyalty or increase their sales.

Within our experience, we have observed that companies are still not very clear about why inbound may be a more viable option than outbound marketing. Or what this implies.

For example, some are sure that inbound is the way, but they still think that all digital marketing is found in social networks and because today we know that it is the opposite.

Which, by the way, brings us to our next point …

Likes equal sales

An idea that we thought we left in 2017, but that has nevertheless followed us to date. No, likes, comments, shares, and being “viral” are not the same as generating sales or closing opportunities.

We have found that this belief is one of the main impediments when creating winning digital marketing strategies. Companies continue to draw their methods to obtain likes instead of concentrating on designing these processes and sales and nutrition flows. And interactions on our social networks, instead of looking for qualified leads.

Growing in social media can be an objective, but not considering that organic content is only shown to almost 1% of your audience can affect the results you obtain and discourage you because your campaign is not working.


Interactions on social networks such as Facebook can help us create a more significant presence of our brand. However, we should not fully trust these platforms to be able to move our content.

Digital marketing is cheap

One of the reasons why Facebook is no longer so profitable to rely on the virtualization of our content is that, in reality, digital marketing does not work without money.

Believe it or not, in the middle of 2021, there are still people who think that marketing in the virtual world is cheap or free, when in reality, we know it is not. For example, on Facebook, for your ads to have the expected reach, you need to designate a budget to run and appear to the right people.

In the same way, making content is not easy or cheap. Far from planning, producing them is a long-term investment that will bring you more benefits than investing in platforms such as Facebook where tomorrow your content may disappear, unlike your website. We try to make you go positioning yourself before the spiders (or crawlers) from Google.

For this reason, investing in a CRM or specific tools is not cheap or free, and although there may be strategies that give you more in the long term, it is an economic investment as well as one that involves time and effort that you have to make and do not minimize.

I have to follow the same path as my competition

They say that there is no better exclamation point than imitation; however, when we talk about creating 2021 digital marketing strategies, the best path you should follow is yours and not what your competition dictates.

While it is true that we can be inspired and analyze what they are doing that we are not, we do not necessarily have to follow the same path.

In the end, when creating your marketing strategy for 2021, the only path you must follow is that of your buyers. If you plan a method equal to that of your competition, you would be stopping focusing on the end-user without first analyzing why you are not selling.

Remember that of fashion, what suits you. And in digital marketing, it’s all about tailoring the tools so that they allow you to “appear” to the right people, that is, to our target audience.

2021 digital marketing trends

Before giving you our five examples, we want to talk about the trends that will be sounding in 2021, which you will notice through our samples.

Some of these trends were already being part of digital marketing, but this 2021, where we will see more companies using them to create their digital marketing strategies.


Artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is something that not all companies take into account. There is nothing more futuristic than getting ahead of our market or perfecting our strategies with robots’ help.

In 2021 we will see artificial intelligence reflected from super simple things like bots that help you better follow up on your leads on your website, even for creating content, applications, and above all, to create more specific audiences to close more sales.


Artificial intelligence is not only about robots, well, yes, but no. There are many aspects where you can use it and make them part of your 2021 marketing strategy.

Instant messaging services

Yes, Facebook Messanger, WhatsApp, and even WeChat will be the protagonists of many strategies. This is because it is easier for the user to start a conversation with a salesperson or advisor, which does not have to be a human.

Part of the use of artificial intelligence will be to use bots to automate these processes that can range from solving common doubts to accompanying the lead throughout the purchase process until it is closed.

Voice and image search

With the arrival of super-smart devices like Alexa, more and more companies invest in optimizing searches through voice. For example, it is believed that this 2021 50% of searches will be through this medium. And it is thought that by 2022 this will be a market of 40 million dollars.

But voice search is not only about optimization; it is also about creating strategies that allow you to establish a real relationship with these devices, like Siri.

On the other hand, image searches will also be on the rise, especially with the market that is increasingly interested in optimizing and improving its cameras. For example, on Instagram, it is already an option to click on the photo to take you to the online store, and in 2021 more and more companies will begin to invest in advanced image search that allows users to access your products to purchase.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the mistakes that we cannot continue to make and what is becoming increasingly more assertive in the industry, it is time to move on to the winning digital marketing strategies for this 2021.

Examples of digital marketing strategies to succeed in 2021

Fenty Beauty and the shoppable posts on Instagram

If there is anyone who revolutionized the makeup industry in the last decade, it was Rihanna. And the same goes for your marketing strategies.

Since the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show almost disappeared, when creating its catwalk, Fenty has been characterized by taking advantage of the visual essence of Instagram, using the integration of products on Instagram in a creative way, through examples that its users can see not only as products but also as applications and standards that they can also perform on their face.


Optimized posts to buy help the user access stores more and have more opportunities to close a sale, especially since you are showing the product and how to use it.

We are not surprised that the multi-billion dollar beauty industry is investing in creating more innovation with its strategies. In this case, Estée Lauder, a skincare line, created Liv, the virtual assistant that solves your questions about skincare.

This was done in collaboration with Google.

Thus, users can interact with the brand and generate trust and loyalty with their consumers.

Data, Spotify, and interactive content

In December 2018, Netflix premiered the Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch. The user could choose the story’s course according to small decisions that changed the narrative arc completely. This became quite a phenomenon and managed to get thousands to start playing with the options to obtain all the possible endings.

This is just one example of how interactive content has taken over our daily lives.

And one of the companies that have positioned itself as an example of data and interaction is Spotify. In late 2019, Spotify released its recap for the year. Thus each person was able to see their most listened to songs, artists, and podcasts.

The best thing is that being the end of the decade, users could see its evolution and share their results through stories. At the same time, this information served Spotify to create playlists with similar artists or with the best of the decade. And while there are other music streaming companies, no one is beating Spotify in their user interaction.


Although Apple Music is also very interested in the industry, the reality is that Spotify has known how to create strategies that allow its users to establish interactions outside the platform on their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star and the rise of influencer marketing

Some think that YouTubers and influencers are already on their way out, especially in a market as competitive as this one. With the disappearance of likes on Instagram, the fear that influencers were no longer useful was in the air; however, this is the opposite.

If 2021 indicates something to us, influencer marketing will be transformed, ironically not depending on the only post and going back a little to what made them famous: connecting with their audience.

In recent years we have observed how companies decide to invite influencers to visit their countries to teach their users their experiences, so influencer marketing will be more connected to showing experiences than merely making content.

Last year the most prominent example of collaborations that can bring millionaire results was the documentary YouTuber Shane Dawson made about Jeffree Star. First, he talks about his luxurious life and then creates a documentary of his behind the scenes of how a line is produced of makeup. Which they released in collaboration, and it was a success.

One of the factors that most influenced this is that the audience feels part of the process and can see something that is not always shown to us: creating a makeup line (or eyeshadow palette in this case).

Take your business to the next level in 2021

The examples above are applications that you can use to take your business to the next level this year. As always, before designing your digital marketing strategies, we recommend that you be very clear about your objectives and the needs of your company.

In the same way, there is no one way to do digital marketing.

You can combine and complement specific different strategies to make your marketing campaign a success. Remember that an essential element is your creativity; do not hesitate to use it.


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