5 Horse Care Essentials and Understanding Your Alternatives to Regu-mate

Proper horse care is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of your equine companion. When managing the reproductive health of mares, one commonly used medication is Regu-mate (also known as Altrenogest). 

Regu-mate is a hormonal drug that helps regulate the mare’s estrous cycle, making it a valuable tool for breeders and horse owners. Alternative to Regu-mate for mares must be aware of its options and the potential risks associated with its use.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the five essential aspects of horse care, the basics of horse reproductive health, and alternative management options to help you make informed decisions for your mare’s well-being.

Five essential aspects of horse care


Proper nutrition is paramount for maintaining a horse’s health. Horses require a balanced diet that includes high-quality forage, such as hay or pasture, grains, or concentrates, if necessary. Adequate intake of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and protein is vital for overall health and performance.

Shelter and Environment

Horses need shelter to protect them from extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold, rain, and snow. A well-constructed barn or run-in shed provides a haven for your horse. Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent respiratory issues, and clean, dry bedding ensures their comfort.

The turnout environment also plays a significant role in your horse’s well-being. Horses should have access to a safe and spacious paddock or pasture to graze, move freely, and interact with other horses. Regularly inspect and maintain fences to prevent injuries and escapes.

Regular Veterinary Care

Routine veterinary care is essential for monitoring your horse’s health and addressing any potential issues promptly. Schedule annual check-ups, vaccinations, and dental examinations with your veterinarian. Vaccinations protect your horse from contagious diseases, while dental care ensures proper chewing and digestion.

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Exercise is vital for maintaining your horse’s physical fitness and mental well-being. Regular exercise helps prevent obesity, muscle atrophy, and behavioral issues. Engage in riding, lunging, or turnout to keep your horse active and mentally stimulated.

Grooming and Hygiene

Proper grooming not only keeps your horse looking good but also contributes to their health. Regular brushing removes dirt, sweat, and loose hair, promoting a shiny coat and healthy skin. Grooming sessions also provide an opportunity to check for injuries, skin conditions, or signs of illness.

Maintain good hoof hygiene by picking out your horse’s feet daily and ensuring proper trimming or shoeing. Regular grooming strengthens the bond between you and your horse, fostering trust and cooperation.

Understanding Horse Reproductive Health

Before delving into the alternatives to Regu-mate, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of horse reproductive health. Mares, like other mammals, have a regular estrous cycle, which typically lasts about 21 days. During this cycle, mares undergo various stages, including estrus (heat) and diestrus (non-heat).

Estrus is the period when the mare is receptive to breeding, and it’s characterized by behavioral changes, such as increased vocalization and flirting with stallions. Diestrus, on the other hand, is the non-receptive phase when the mare is not interested in mating.

Regu-mate and Its Uses

Regu-mate is a synthetic progestin hormone that can be administered orally to mares. Its primary function is to suppress estrus and maintain diestrus. This can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Breeding Management: Regu-mate allows breeders to control the timing of mare breeding, making it easier to synchronize multiple mares for breeding simultaneously.
  • Performance Horses: Some horse owners use Regu-mate to manage mares’ behavior and mood during training and competition seasons, as mares in estrus can be more temperamental.
  • Medical Conditions: Regu-mate is also used to manage certain medical conditions in mares, such as uterine cysts or irregular estrous cycles.

Alternative Options to Regu-mate

For horse owners who prefer to avoid or reduce their reliance on Regu-mate, there are several alternative management options to consider:

  • Natural Breeding Cycles: Allowing mares to follow their natural estrous cycles without hormonal intervention is an option, especially for those not concerned with breeding timing.
  • Herbal Supplements: Some herbal supplements claim to help regulate mare estrous cycles naturally. Examples include raspberry leaves and chasteberry, but their effectiveness can vary.
  • Behavior Modification: Training and behavioral management techniques can help horse owners work with mares during their estrus phases, reducing the need for hormonal suppression.
  • Hormone Implants: In some cases, hormone implants, such as deslorelin, can temporarily suppress estrus and synchronize breeding cycles.
  • Consultation with a Veterinarian: It’s crucial to consult with a veterinarian experienced in equine reproduction to discuss the specific needs of your mare and determine the best course of action.

Final Thoughts

Regu-mate has its place in equine reproductive management, but it’s essential to understand the potential risks and drawbacks associated with its use. Before deciding to use Regu-mate or exploring alternative options, consider your mare’s individual needs and your breeding goals, and consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

Ultimately, the key to successful horse care is a thorough understanding of your alternatives to Regu-mate and a commitment to your mare’s health and well-being. By making informed decisions, you can ensure that your equine companion enjoys a happy and healthy life.

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