6 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

When it comes to that special day, you’ve thought long and hard about who you want to stand alongside you on that sacred altar, under that woodland arch, or wherever you’ve chosen to commit to that remarkable someone. And, right by your side as you say those famous words ‘I do’ is your stunning entourage of loyal bridesmaids, smiling and cheering you on.

But bridesmaids aren’t just there to wear a beautiful dress and look pretty in photographs (not as pretty as the bride, of course). They’re an integral part of your big day; from helping to organize a bachelorette party to supervising the flower girls and even helping clear up after some raucous receptions, a wedding is always a magical day – but the bride’s very important ladies (or V.I.Ls if you will), make it all the more special.

So the time has come to promote those very special friends and relatives that make up your bridesmaid squad. Do it in style with a gift that they’ll treasure forever and show them how much they mean to you, now and forever. Need some inspiration for the perfect bridesmaid present for your loyal ladies? Then check out this list of bridesmaid gift ideas!


Wedding planning can be a stressful business and one that the bride may need help with. Bridesmaids often assist throughout the planning process and spend a lot of time running around, so why not help them help you by staying relaxed with a podiatric pampering foot massager?

You might laugh at such a cheesy, cliché gift, but massagers genuinely work like a dream, and your bridesmaids will appreciate this thoughtful item come the end of the wedding party after dancing the night away in high heels!

A Bottle of Something Tasty

Out of all the bridesmaid gifts to consider, one of the safest options is always going to be booze (or its non-alcoholic variant for the gals that don’t like to drink).

When it comes to color schemes, catering, decorations, contacting suppliers, and collecting goodies from stores, your bridesmaids are often there with you every step of the planning process – which can be thirsty work. Keeping in line with that theme, you could show your appreciation with a tasty bottle of something bubbly – who doesn’t love champagne?

A Hamper of Something Tasty

Everyone loves food, so why not treat the beautiful ladies you’ve chosen to be up at the altar there with you to something delicious? For those times that the bridesmaids gather together to brainstorm without the bride on how to make the event even more outstanding, you could get them a little thank you box of chocolates or a hamper of retro candy complete with a loving note to keep sweet tooths sweet while reminding them how sweet you are to think of them.

A Restaurant Meal

The whole bridesmaid squad looks forward to one important day in the run-up to the big event – dress shopping day! If your team of bridesmaids goes with you for dress shopping and fittings, it’s great to show your gratitude for the help you’re receiving – and the best way to do so is to spoil them during the process.

Why not treat them to a boozy brunch or a dinner at a lovely local restaurant? Everyone loves dining and drinking out, so you really can’t go wrong with this one. Just be sure to pick somewhere that caters to every girl in your party – especially if anyone is vegan, vegetarian, or has any allergies or dietary preferences.

Pink Gin & Candy

Probably the most important night (wink wink) is the bachelorette night – that last night as a carefree lady. Whether it’s a boozy blowout or a cozy night in with the bridesmaids, it’s surely going to be an event to remember. For that boozy blowout, let the party ‘be-gin’ with a bottle or several of pink gin, and at least pretend to be surprised when the stripper shows up.

Alternatively, how about that cozy night in that will probably contain considerably less body glitter, maybe a few drinks, and some classic rom-com films? Alas, if that’s your party of choice, you can’t forget the snacks! Indulge the ladies with a massive chocolate hamper to nibble on while Bridget Jones inevitably chooses the wrong guy, again.

Spa Day & Pamper Packs

For the ultimate relaxation before the big day or as part of a bachelorette party, treat yourself and the bridal party to a serene spa day, complete with a roster of tempting treatments. It’s important for the bride and the bridesmaids to feel relaxed and stress-free on the big day, and what better way to prepare than a lush day at the spa together?

If that idea sounds a little pricey, then a thoughtful and giggle-worthy gift to ensure that you and your squad are all loosey-goosey and ready for the occasion would be a rescue relaxation pamper pack full of reviving, hand-picked goodies, like bath bombs, sublime hair products, and body soaps and washes – all sweet-scented of course!

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