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Bring The Luxury Of A Hotel Bathroom To Your Home

Everybody needs a place to retreat and rejuvenate after a long, busy workday. One of the perfect ways to create such an experience is by upgrading your bathroom.

But how can you create a hotel-worthy bathroom experience at home? Do you have to invest in high-end brands, or can simple details suffice?

Here are valuable tips on making your bathroom more luxurious.

Install Statement Showers

You don’t need a bathtub to install a statement shower that’s spacious, indulgent, and exudes a spa-like experience.

If you have some extra space to spare, you can go all out and install a Roman shower stall. With the proper budget, you can design your room like a bathroom instead of a corner in the primary bedroom.

Alternatively, you can use frameless glass in your bathroom. This gives you a clean and minimalist outlook that enhances your interior décor.

Invest in Additional Storage

Nothing is as unrelaxing as a disorganised space, especially in a bathroom. Bathrooms tend to have a lot of clutter – dirty towels, worn-out toothbrushes, and loads of other grooming accessories. This is even worse if you have a family. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by investing in additional storage.

Although you need many things to look good, only the essentials should be visible in your bathroom. Nobody wants to see your underpants and other dirty laundry – keep it simple. Toothbrushes and a few face towels are acceptable.

Invest in additional cupboards and cabinets. You can conceal these behind mirrors or artwork, whatever you prefer. Adding extra drawers under the basin for storing jewellery and other frequently used accessories will make the place more functional.

Add Artwork

Art never looks out of place, regardless of where you hang it. Adding artwork makes your bathroom feel more curated and luxurious.

You’re likely to go for a seaside or coastal artwork with a bathroom. Though it’s understandable, it creates a monotonous theme. Instead, choose something different, like a picture depicting nature or something kind.

Consider Some Curves

Humans inadvertently favour circular objects over other shapes. This explains the enthusiasm behind curvaceous items. Curved shapes can add unrivalled luxury to bathrooms.

Curves reminisce nature – think about blooming flowers, smooth plants, and even the full moon. Ideally, it’s best to use your curves on the vanity because it is the focal point of every bathroom.

Creative Lighting

Bathroom lighting is integral to setting your moods, whether you’re energising before a workday or relaxing after a busy schedule. For the best result, use an array of light fixtures – accent lighting for setting different atmospheres, ambient lighting to keep the space illuminated, and task lighting for specific functions.

The secret to creating an indulgent bathroom is placing your lights in strategic locations. If you like bathtubs, wall lights are the way to go. However, for people who love showers, overhead lights can do wonders.

Incorporate Natural Stones

Despite technological advancements, it isn’t easy to beat the distinctive features of natural stone. Artificial alternatives might be cheaper, but they can’t match natural stone’s resistance to water, scratches, and the sun’s UV radiation.

In a high-traffic environment like a bathroom, installing a durable and highly resistant material like natural stone makes sense. Besides its resilience, natural stone creates a feeling of well-being. It makes you feel calmer and more at home than other materials.

A Premium Toilet

An ordinary toilet looks out of place in a luxury bathroom. But you can instantly transform an otherwise stale washing area into an exciting spa. At a price, you can get a bespoke toilet seat with an inbuilt deodoriser, automatic features, and a quiet flush system – what’s better than that!

Wrapping Up

Luxurious bathroom experiences aren’t exclusive to expensive. With a bit of cash, you can import them to your home and forget about paying thousands of dollars to enjoy such an experience in a hotel!

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