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6 Dangerous Flag Printing Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Marketing Campaign

Planning to run a promotional event for your brand? Custom-printed flags and banners must be in your marketing arsenal. These marketing tools are often spotted at retail parking lots, on roadways, lawns, pedestrian sidewalks, etc. They’re extremely effective at attracting customers to new brands, products, and services.

Here are some businesses that benefit the most from professional flag printing services –

  • Local gyms
  • Community retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Neighborhood auto dealers
  • Street-side promoters
  • Event management companies

However, flag banners are only effective at attracting customers to companies if their designs are perfect. No small business owner has ever looked at their annual marketing budget and thought that it was too high. Marketing for small businesses means working with very few resources.

That means small business owners have no room for error when they’re designing their marketing flags. Here are some common flag marketing mistakes that small businesses must avoid –

1.Only Selecting Rectangle and Square-Shaped Banners

Rectangle and square-shaped banners can be found everywhere. That’s why they fail to draw public attention. Having some rectangle and square-shaped flags in your marketing arsenal is good. But, business owners must also switch up their style from time to time and select –

  • Triangular flags
  • Shark fin flags
  • Beach flags
  • Teardrop flags
  • Feather flags

These flags with cool shapes will intrigue your target audiences, way more than your typical rectangle and square-shaped flags.

2.Overcomplicating the Design 

Most flags of countries and notable organizations have simple flags with very few design elements. That’s because flags are meant to be appreciated from a distance. Flags that feature too many lines of text are hard to identify from afar. They don’t even grab the attention of passers-by. Use very few lines of text on your custom flags. Adopt a minimalistic design style to create simple but attractive custom flags for your brand.

3.Not Mentioning the Brand

Many brands make the mistake of integrating too many colors and images into their custom flags. These graphic elements are important – but not as important as your brand name, logo, etc. Avoid using fonts or colors that don’t suit your brand image.  

4.Not Limiting the Colors on the Flag

Custom marketing flags shouldn’t feature any more than two to three color combinations. The colors should be easily distinguishable from one another, relevant to your overall branding aesthetic, and visible from a distance. Or else your custom flags will look messy and unappealing.

5.Using too Much Text

Don’t use lines that contain more than ten words. That’s the understated rule of outdoor marketing. Use very few images, graphics, text, and symbols. The simpler the flag’s design, the better the impact it will have on target audiences. Ideally, your marketing flags should get your brand messages across in less than ten seconds.

6.Not Including the Essential Business Details

It is easy to forget that marketing flags have a clear purpose when we’re talking about flag design strategies. Don’t forget – your marketing flags should convince customers to contact your brand. Although you should keep the text on your custom flags to the bare minimum, including some business-related details is crucial. Include your business website or contact number in the flag.

Avoid these flag marketing mistakes to get the best results!


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