6 Styling Tips for the Latest Jewelry Trend – Paperclip Jewelry (2023)

Fashion trends change very swiftly in today’s fast-paced society. Some people enjoy frequently updating their wardrobe with new items and their shoe collection with new heels or boots, while others are jewelry obsessives. The general consensus is that jewelry is a long-term investment that you can wear. But, because trends move quickly, it’s important to watch the most recent jewelry trends by following celebrity images. One of the hottest jewelry styles that have collectors clamoring these days? You may have seen the growing fashion for paper clip jewelry

Although it may sound strange, the compositions are extremely lovely. They range from chunky linked designs that stand out to simpler, daintier chains that can be stacked and layered. Similar to how you may have looped paper clips together in primary school or while bored at that one internship or office job, designers are currently creating interesting and eye-catching chains by looping together paperclips made of precious metals. Contemporary yet somewhat retro, paperclip jewelry can be thick or slim, long or short, plain or accented. They are made in many ways, catching the trend of your style in straightforward, informal, to formal designs and at reasonable pricing.

6 Styling Tips for the Latest Jewelry Trend – Paperclip Jewelry

Do you want to know how to style this popular jewelry item so it suits you best? Here are six essential styling tips you must consider before buying paperclip jewelry.

Which Length Should You Pick?

You’ll find varying styles and options when you shop for a paperclip chain necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry pieces. But regardless of whether you choose silver or rose gold, ornamented or plain, there is one aspect you should always consider: length.

So length plays a key role in picking up the jewelry. As with all necklaces, various lengths complement various clothes, body types, and face shapes the best. You should choose a longer chain to create the illusion of a longer face structure on a rounder face; on square or heart-shaped faces, you can use a shorter chain length. Choose a lengthier chain that will look proportionate to your body if you are on the tall side. 

How to Layer Your Look 

Layering has been a big trend in jewelry for a while now. Paperclip chains are great for layering, especially with a more plain or minimalist chain. Layering has been a significant trend in jewelry for a while. For a look that combines fundamentals with striking hues or styles, pair your paperclip chain with a flashier necklace or bracelet with some diamonds or other gemstones. They work best for workplace parties. For general wear, Simply one layer will work best for a more formal appearance. So depending on the occasion and outfits, we need to choose whether to go with a simple one-layer chain or Layer your look by fusion.

How to Add a Personal Touch

Always try to personalize your paperclip necklace with an inscription or charms to make it stand out. To achieve this, a designer would frequently take out one of the paperclip chain’s links and swap it out for a plain link with the engraving you choose that is the same size and shape as the paperclip link made of the same metal. Everything your heart desires can be engraved, including your name, initials, a significant occasion, coordinates, or charms. Even better, some designers will let you choose to have your birthstone set within the engraved link.

Ditch the Traditional Clasp and be Creative

One benefit of paperclip chains is that you can easily change the length of your necklace to match your outfit. If you shorten the necklace, don’t just let the extra chain hang down the back of your dress. Many hooks or clasps can be made at various locations throughout the chain. Several fashion tastemakers and influencers will wear the extra chain in the front to form a Y-shaped necklace with a dangling finish. The original approach is up-to-date and enjoyable without being excessively flashy or flamboyant.

How to Mix and Match

We have discussed layering for fashionable looks that go with your attire. If you truly want to embrace this trend entirely, think about mixing, matching, and layering paperclip jewelry solely. Mix paperclip necklaces in varying weights, metals, and sizes, for an interesting and subtle look. You can layer your paperclip necklaces and bracelets with other necklaces and bangles in your jewelry collection. 

How to Keep it Simple

Still, If you’re not sure the paperclip chain trend is right for your personal style, start small and simple with paperclip chain earrings. You’ll find that most paperclip chain earrings only have a series of two or three paperclip links because they will naturally be shorter than the chains used for necklaces and bracelets. The long, drop earrings are comparable to others you might wear but are also a little more contemporary and in style. It’s a simple method to change your appearance without going overboard.

End Note

To sum up, there is no better choice than a paperclip chain if you’re looking for a stunning, classic, and feminine chain necklace you can wear anytime. A paperclip chain is a great option if you want a tasteful, contemporary, and sophisticated essential piece of jewelry that you can wear anywhere and on any occasion, whether as a necklace, bracelet, or both. The modern and classic style exudes feminine energy while maintaining its elegance. You may be confident your new ornamentation will last for decades to come,  and that will bring you joy if you select a piece made of strong, water-resistant materials, including precious metals or stainless steel. Use the above six crucial styling tips to pair the perfect jewelry that compliments your style with any outfit or event.


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