9 Must-Have Qualities For A Licensed Psychologist

Are you passionate about helping people and like to know what makes them tick? Then psychology is the right field for you. However, before you start pursuing your studies, here are 9 must-have qualities for a licensed Psychologist.

1. Stable Emotions

As a psychologist, you’ll be required to listen to some disturbing stories at times. Your patients will tell you all their deepest darkest secrets to unburden themselves. However, if you’re not tough enough for the task, it can get tricky for you. If, as a psychologist, you had a mental illness yourself, it helps with being compassionate towards your clients, but you have to keep your composure at all times.

2. Be Compassionate

To become a licensed psychologist, you should be able to listen and work well with others. Having empathy and compassion for others will go a long way towards helping you in the field. Your patients want to feel like they can trust you to tell you their deepest secrets. Having an open mind is also an excellent trait to have.

3. Effective Communication Skills

As a psychologist, you must be able to communicate effectively with your patients. It requires you to listen attentively and so you can give them information that can help them.

4. Numeracy

There are many different paths that you, as a psychology student, can take, such as research, clinical psychology, or organizational. Analyzing facts is an integral part of the job.

5. Background in Math and Science

Although it doesn’t seem necessary, a licensed psychologist must be proficient with numbers. If you choose to be a researcher, especially quantitative information, you’ll have to look at a lot of information that will require understanding numbers.

6. Life-long Learner

With the implementation of new innovations daily, it’s necessary to continue studying. It means taking courses, reading the most up-to-date research studies, and attending seminars. This is one way to show that you’re a dedicated person in the field and that you’re open to new information.

7. A Psychology Certification from the American Board of Professional Psychology

While this is not among specific licensed psychologist requirements, it shows that you’re a professional endorsed by other professionals.

8. Organizational Skills

As a psychologist, you will be handling a lot of information. Whether it’s analyzing data, tracking your patient’s records, or recording information. Having organizational skills gives you the capability to keep track of your patient’s data.

9. The skill of picking up on Social Cues

Some patients don’t know how to express themselves, so it’s up to you, the psychologist, to pick up on their social cues and body language. An excellent psychologist is good at reading other people’s body language and picking up on signs that tell of any difficulties they may have.


The great thing about these skills mentioned above is that they can be learned if you don’t already possess them. Psychology is an exciting field of study if you’re someone who likes helping others.

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