A  Memorable Journey Through Canada Coast to Coast By Train

You will probably know that Canada is home to coastal adventures and Arctic wonders. So, if you are planning to go abroad this Christmas, you can consider taking a Canada coast-to-coast train.  

While Canada has an equal size to that of a continent, it’s impossible to explore the whole country in one visit. So, in order to explore Canada from one coast to another, you must consider a train journey. This journey will cover four nights which you can witness stunning scenic wonders like Niagara Falls, Lake Louise, and Peggy’s Cove.

Well, now that you are here, this article will take you through an adventurous thrill ride. While you dive deeper, you will explore some of the most important itineraries you’ll visit during your Canada coast-to-coast tour.

Let’s delve in!

● Vancouver

The climate of Vancouver is mild, so it won’t bring any trouble to your journey. You get to explore this beautiful west coast city that is surrounded by serene mountains and the enormous ocean.

Once you have experienced the beautiful city, you will quickly jump onto the Rocky Mountaineer Train. And after you are on board, the train will take you to discover the breathtaking scenic beauty of Kamloops.

● Kamloops

While traveling on the Rocky Mountaineering, you will witness many picturesque places. But exploring the stunning scenery through the train window is not the limit. During your Canada Coast-to-Coast trip, you will get to stay for a night in Kamloops. So when you wake up the following day, you are all refreshed to experience another new day of mind-blowing scenic beauty.

● Banff

After you are done with all your explorations at Kamloops, you’ll have to hop on Rocky Mountaineer yet again. And by the time the sun is down, you will reach the small mountain town of Banff. Just like Kamloops, you wake up the next morning only to fill your lungs with the cool air of the Rockies.

Further, you can take a stroll along the Pathway of the Bow River. We bet you will immediately feel immersed in the spectacular surroundings of Banff.

● Lake Louise

Glacier-clad peaks typically surround the turquoise waters of Lake Louise. You can consider taking a canoe and exploring the lake or just taking a simple stroll by Louise.

● Icefields Parkway

While traveling along the Rockies’ spine, you will explore the most beautiful road in the world – Icefields Parkway.

● Canadian Prairies

During your Canadian Coast to Coast journey, you will cross the undulating plains of Prairie provinces – Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

● Toronto

You will travel south through Ontario’s cottage country, only to arrive in the cultural heart of Canada – Toronto.

● Niagara Falls

During your stay in Toronto, you will have an extra day in hand to witness the divine and enormous Niagara Falls.

● Montreal

Next, the train will take you to French-Canadian Quebec. Here, you will get to visit the largest city – Montreal, and various other important places.

● Halifax

After you have explored the lanes of Quebec City, you’ll commence your journey to Halifax. Here, you will get to enjoy the welcoming Celtic atmosphere of the largest city of the Canadian Maritimes.

To Conclude

The Classic Canada Coast-to-Coast trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll get while journeying across Canada. Starting from the dazzling west coast city of Vancouver, you can explore how mountains and the ocean surround the hometown. Your Coast to Coast trip finally comes to an end after you visit the quaint seaside community of Halifax.

Isn’t this enough to tickle the Hodophile person within you to discover the vibrant and diverse country? Well, then, what are you waiting for? Get hold of your passport and your bags and board the next train to travel through Canada Coast to Coast.

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