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Amazing Hacks for Instagram Followers

How many Instagram followers does a person need?

Damn many if he wants to be an influencer. More and more providers on the Internet are taking advantage of the fight for the most followers.

And promise ten thousand new followers overnight – without you having to pay a cent for it.

In this article you will find out why you should under no circumstances trust such dubious providers and what alternatives you have.

Influencer Marketing: The new advertising strategy

It all started innocently. Instagram was born and brought color into our lives. Every photo, no matter how disdainful, shone in a new light thanks to cheeky filters, aroused longing and a desire for more. And so fate took its course. Some people finds it easier and simple to buy Instagram Followers but it is still debatable about its legality.

Today, Instagram has over a billion users and is increasingly being used for advertising purposes or to make money. Influencer marketing is at the top of the list. If you have many, many Instagram followers Canada on your account, shoot attractive photos and can market yourself well, you act as an interface between the company and the customer.

And everyone has something of that. A shampoo manufacturer sends the Instagrammer a few free bottles to try, saving himself a lot of money that he would have had to spend on expensive advertising. The influencer is happy about the gift, tries it out and enthusiastically recommends the high-quality shampoo to his followers.

When the hype becomes a problem?

Precisely because this concept has so many advantages for everyone involved, but above all it is so ingeniously simple, more and more Instagrammers want to jump on the bandwagon. In addition to shampoo, detergent or mascara, there are even free hotel stays and long-term cooperation’s – who wouldn’t want to try their luck?

If it weren’t for this problem with the followers. The competition is so great, the choice of topics is often so close together that it is no longer so easy to stand out from the crowd. The number of followers is the most important key figure for companies to find their influencer.

No wonder, then, that more and more offers for lightning-fast and even free follower growth are appearing on the Internet. But be careful here! There are a few black sheep among the many providers. Here you can find out which offers you should definitely not fall for.

The Instagram Follower Hack: That’s behind it

The term “hack” comes from the English and means something like trick or blow. The life hack z. B. made the rounds on YouTube and other channels in 2017, promising to solve problems efficiently and in unusual ways.

From banana holders made from discarded hangers to ideas for personal growth – the life hack is easy, fast and environmentally friendly. The Instagram Follower Hack works on the same principle.

With a simple flick of the wrist, many new followers can be added to the Instagram account quickly and free of charge. If you type the term into Google, the search engine will spit out tens of pages in under a second that are supposed to magically accelerate follower growth.

The following features should immediately make you sit up and take notice:

  • The service is free
  • You will be asked for your login information
  • You can win something

Let’s uncover one by one

1- Nothing comes for free

Everyone who uses the internet also pays for it to buy Instagram followers Canada can be cheap. No, this is not about your internet connection. And even if you shimmy from one free WLAN to the other, you have to pay for it. You pay for every registration in a social network, every visit to a homepage and every download of an app with your data.

Everything collected about you – name, age, national origin, IP address, hobbies and preferences – is used for advertising. From target group-specific Google ads to the posts that the Facebook Newsfeed spits out to you, everything is based on your user behavior and the information you leave behind on the World Wide Web.

Instagram follower hacks are no exception. The data stored there about you is sold at high prices, ends up as an ad on your Google page and may even persuade you to buy a product. Therefore, think carefully about who you want to give information about yourself to. We can’t control everything – but some things can be avoided!

2- Your login data is your business!

Apparently, when an Instagram follower hack asks you for your login information, it is doing so to subscribe to other profiles on your behalf. This happens via a bot that subscribes to thousands of users in a few seconds – in the hope that they will follow you back.

That sounds incredibly efficient, because you don’t have to lift a finger yourself and the method can actually be successful. As a rule, however, your profile is simply hacked, misused, misused. This is called a compromised account.

Without your knowledge, you suddenly follow dubious characters or post things that you would not even dream of. Your profile develops a life of its own, over which you no longer have any control. The only thing that helps: delete your account!

3- Loss instead of gain

Many Instagram follower hacks give you a choice just before completing the “order”. You can win an iPhone or download a game for free. You should never click on any of these links. The best-case scenario is a paid subscription, the worst-case scenario is downloading malware and crippling your computer.

You usually miss your actual goal – gaining more Instagram followers – with Instagram follower hacks. Many services simply do not work and are only up to one thing: to harm you. Therefore: hands off! But how are you supposed to get more followers then?

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