Best RV Parks for a Vacation In Madera, California


There is one thing that is loved by everyone, food. We love it so much that food has become more than just a product for sustenance — it is a way of life and an expression of cultural heritage. Where better to indulge in that love than at Madera, California which is renowned for its agriculture, where you can get to the start of the whole food process. Take in the delight of the green pastures, enjoy a sip of wine from freshly harvested grapes, and feast on the various fruits of labor being sold at the farmers’ markets. This city is sure to impress — rent a camper van in California and take a trip down to enjoy the lovely atmosphere that the city has to offer. While you are visiting, why not stay a few nights at one of these top ten campgrounds!

Golf Resort

If you want in on a lavish experience, Golf Resort is sure to please as the facilities and amenities here are rated A-pluses by many campers. After a tiring day out from exploring the surrounding attractions, the resort provides comfortable and clean bathrooms and shower facilities to ease preparations into winding down for the day. As the name suggests, Golf Resort provides a nine-hole golf course, perfect for avid golfers.

Hidden View Campground

On the flip side, if you are planning to spend more on the experiences and less on accommodation, Hidden View Campground is the one to go to. Since the campground can be found in Hensley Lake State Recreation Area, that also means plenty of activities to explore, in particular water sports. With Hensley Lake covering a wide expanse of the area, you will frequently find people on the lake either fishing, boating, or kayaking. Otherwise, you will find people simply enjoying the tranquility on the lakefront.

Blackstone North RV Park

Everyone must start from somewhere, and for those who are new to driving their RVs out, Blackstone North RV Park is a great place to start. The campgrounds are large and they are friendly to RVs that are more heavy-duty, meaning one less thing to fret over. Their facilities and amenities are constantly getting rave reviews because the staff there keep it spick-and-span. As for activities to engage in, for those of you who want an adrenaline rush, there is a racing track located in the vicinity to get your adrenaline going.

Fresno Mobile Home and RV Park

When you think of a perfect RV park, you will come to realize that you are in fact, describing Fresno Mobile Home and RV Park. This is a park that caters to the needs of anyone and everyone, from kids to pets to adults. It even has restaurants and shops within the area which means there will never be a shortage of things to do. Aside from that, the park has its own pool for friskier children. On the plus side, the RV park is one of the safest in California because of the team’s dedication to security.

Fresno Mobile Home and RV Park

Yosemite RV Resort

If you are here in Yosemite RV Resort, you definitely cannot miss out on Yosemite National Park which is only a few minutes away from the resort. In fact, that is a big reason why most people stay here because of its convenience to the renowned national park. Furthermore, you can also bring everyone in the family along like your kids and even your fur babies.

Arena RV Park

For those of you who place a higher emphasis on an affordable campground that can accommodate many different types of RVs, Arena RV Park is just the place. From small to big rigs, there is a site for all. The bonus is that the park is open to our prized companions, our pets! Most people who stayed have agreed that just as the park accommodates you, the staff is known for their excellent customer service and its excellent facilities. So, whether you are looking for a long-term or short-term stay, this is the ideal park for you.

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Catering to smaller vehicles like trailers and motorhomes that are less than 36 feet in length, the campground offers a tranquil camping experience away from the bright city lights. If you are looking to unwind during your vacation, this is a good destination with its scenic views and serene lake. You can even bring your pets along with you on the trip. What better way to find out what retired life on a farm will be like if not here?

Bass Lake RV Resort

Located in the heart of Sierra National Forest, you will find this resort that welcomes campers from every walk of life with different types of RVs. Whether you are driving a bigger or smaller vehicle, you will be able to find a spot here. Here, you can partake in many different types of activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, and more. You can feel free to explore the many different opportunities available here but do make your reservations in advance as it is a relatively popular area.

Club Royal Oak RV Resort

Before you point out that this resort is a distance away from Madera, hear us out. While it is indeed further than most campgrounds mentioned in this list, it has earned its spot here. Combining the desire to escape from the hustle and bustle of our lives, and the desire to pamper ourselves, Club Royal Oak RV Resort fulfills with its array of facilities and amenities.

Club Royal Oak RV Resort

Visalia Sequoia National Park KOA

You will never run out of activities to do at Visalia with the facilities it provides as well as the surrounding Sequoia National Park which is a treasure trove of adventure. For families with children, they will find this an enjoyable destination as the kids get to indulge their inquisitive nature and explore the wilderness. Aside from that, if you own coltish dogs, this is the perfect place to tire them out and let them roam free.


So, these are the top ten places that you can consider for a short or long-term stay when you are in Madera. We hope you enjoy your stay!

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