Build Awesome Social Platforms With Zero Coding Experience

Go digital!” is the go-to cheat code for any industry thriving in 2022. Entertainment, education, socialization — almost all major aspects of human life are going digital.

Considering how digital socialization is skyrocketing these days, it’s a great business model for entrepreneurs and digital nomads to create and monetize their own social platforms. However, that’s easier said than done, as creating a social platform from scratch is not child’s play — or is it?

Well, the DateWare platform promises to let you build astonishing social platforms with absolutely zero coding experience. But what does it offer? Are the created platforms completely barebone or is there something special about them? How do you monetize them?

Here’s everything you need to know.

No coding experience? No problem

A problem that prevents digital nomads and online entrepreneurs from self-building the platforms they want is that they’re no great coders. Many of them come from a tech-enthusiastic and business-oriented mindset, which doesn’t really have to do anything with coding.

However, that doesn’t apply when you’re working with DateWare.

DateWare has absolutely zero need for coding, which means anyone can build a platform from scratch, without ever writing a single line of code.

An immense value for everyone

There are multiple ways someone can make money from a social platform.

For instance, entrepreneurs can build innovative platforms that have the potential to change the market.

Freelancers can offer services related to platform-building, i.e., they can build platforms and sell them to their clients as a paid service.

Affiliates can build platforms and partner up with bigger names in the industry and make money in collaboration with them.

You see, there are endless possibilities, and DateWare has tools that cater to all of the use cases.

Start with an eye-catching template

There are tons of starter templates you can choose from.

After you’ve picked one, you can customize it further to match your vision and brand identity. You can truly make the template yours with a deep level of customization.

Sell courses, publish content, offer subscriptions, and a lot more

Creating a social platform is of no use if it’s not monetized. Luckily, DateWare has a versatile monetization model that lets users make money in the way they want.

For example, you can decide to sell digital courses on your platform, offer paid memberships, or publish advertised content. All of these methods are viable on DateWare platforms.

Publish your site in just a minute

When you’re done customizing the platform and integrating a monetization model, the next step is to make it go live. This is arguably the most exciting step as it’s the time when your platform gets its first public appearance.

After you’ve acquired your custom domain, it just takes a minute to connect your site with it and get going.

Create pages that get insane traffic with built-in SEO tools

Many experts believe creating good content is easier than ranking it — and we find it true. Due to intense SEO competition these days, it’s hard for new sites and web pages to get ranked.

However, DateWare platforms have built-in SEO tools that help with ranking.

In just a few seconds, you can edit keywords and meta tags of your content, so ranking it for trending topics can be easy.

Furthermore, DateWare has optimized content page templates that get a lot of attention from Google.

A dashboard that lets you be the boss

DateWare platforms come with a powerful, yet easy-to-navigate dashboard with all the essential tools.

You can easily monitor the performance of your site, and make decisions to further upgrade it right from there.

From the dashboard, you can also closely monitor the number of active members, and find out how much money you’re making from them.

You can also manually select which features of your platform are free to use and which are hidden under a paywall. You’re the boss.

Last but not least, the dashboard lets you change the site settings and make further customizations to it as you grow.

Robust and uncompromised security infrastructure

Users won’t stick to a platform where they don’t feel safe, that’s why you need to make your platform as secure and private as possible.

On your DateWare platform, you can decide to turn on admin approvals for every new post. This feature makes sure no explicit content ends up on the platform.

The bottom line

Creating and launching amazing social platforms is a profitable business model today — and DateWare helps streamline the process by putting essential tools within your reach.

With no coding experience, you can build a solid platform, monetize it, and launch it as quickly as possible.

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