Can You Drive With Halloween Contact Lenses In?

Halloween is a fun time for both children and adults, it’s a time where you can dress up, socialise and celebrate all things spooky. Coloured contact lenses can add a more realistic element to your costume, so it’s no surprise that so many people choose to wear them at Halloween. With so many Halloween lenses available, there really is a lens to suit any look, but are they safe to drive in?

What Are Halloween Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses for Halloween are widely available online and in stores. These lenses will often feature bright colours, some have different shaped pupils and others are one block colour (often black or white). Halloween lenses are usually opaque, which allows the lens to completely cover the iris, disguising your original eye colour.

Can I Drive In Halloween Contact Lenses?

The type of lenses used for Halloween sometimes cover the pupil which can obstruct your vision as a result. You should avoid driving or operating machinery whilst wearing these lenses. Vision is never more important than it is while you are driving. Even if your eyes are only obstructed partially by the lenses, this could put you and other drivers at risk of harm. If you are driving to your Halloween party, take your lenses with you and put them in when you arrive at your destination, don’t forget to take them out again if you are driving home too.

How Much Do Halloween Contact Lenses Cost?

Just like all contact lenses, the price range can vary depending on the brand, the material and where you buy them from. You might think it’s okay to just buy the cheapest lenses you can find, but you could be putting your eye health at risk if you do. A lot of retails don’t require the safety standards of those supervised by opticians. Even if you don’t require a prescription, you should have a contact lens fitting to ensure the lenses you purchase fit your eyes properly. A properly fitted lens will provide comfort throughout wear. 

Halloween Contact Lens Safety Tips

  1. Never handle your lenses with dirty hands. Always wash hands with soap and water, dry them with a lint-free towel.
  2. Remove your lenses before you remove your make-up
  3. Unless you wear daily disposables, always clean and store your lenses every evening before going to sleep
  4. Never rub your eyes if you are wearing lenses
  5. Only use your lenses for the recommended wearing time (1 day, 2 weeks a month etc)
  6. Don’t ignore discomfort, if your eyes feel irritated or painful while wearing lenses, take them out and switch to glasses for a while. If this issue persists, contact your optician
  7. Don’t sleep in your lenses (unless recommended by your optician)

Don’t Fall Asleep In Your Lenses

If you’re not a regular contact lens user, it might be easy to forget that you are wearing them and fall asleep. Sleeping in your contact lenses, even for a short amount of time could put your eyes in danger. When you sleep in your lenses, you prevent the eye from getting oxygen and hydration, as the lens forms a barrier between your eye and the tears that keep them moisturised. This is why the lens can sometimes feel stuck to your eye after sleeping in them. It’s not just dryness and discomfort you have to worry about, sleeping in your lenses will put you more at risk of developing eye conditions such as acanthamoeba keratitis. 

Halloween Contact Lens Checklist

Always Make Sure To Do The Following Before Purchasing Any Contact Lenses For Your Costume This Halloween:

  • Get a contact lens prescription – even if you don’t need your vision correcting, properly fitting lenses will aid comfort and keep your eyes in good health
  • Always wash your hands before putting in and taking out your lenses
  • Put your make-up on before you put your lenses in. Take your lenses out before removing your make-up
  • If you are wearing 2 weekly or monthly coloured lenses, ensure that you clean and store them after each use (and throw them away once they expire)
  • Only buy Halloween lenses from reputable sellers

Where Can I Buy Halloween Contact Lenses?

Don’t be tempted to buy your Halloween contact lenses from places like market stalls, as they often haven’t undergone the necessary safety checks. You can buy coloured contact lenses at low prices online, compared to many high street retailers which often charge a lot more. Buying your lenses online is often cheaper, and you can indeed find reputable contact lens retailers online from places such as Feel Good Contacts, just ensure you have an up-to-date prescription. 

With a few small precautions, you can enjoy wearing Halloween lenses and impress people with your costume this year. Just be sure to follow the advice above to keep your eyes safe this Halloween.

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