Common Mistakes Made by Businesses in the Process of Scaling Up

Scaling up is a very exciting time for a business as it is a clear reflection that something is going right. That being said, due to this excitement, it is very common for business leaders to get swept up in the realm of possibilities that comes with this scale-up. If this happens to your business, it can be difficult to keep up and recover from these errors, so it’s important to keep the below in mind when you start to expand.

Sacrificing Quality

When a business scales up, it becomes harder for it to be managed by just yourself, and as such, you need to start relying on others to carry out work to the high standard that has allowed you to scale up in the first place. Often, this can result in lower quality work, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to organizations that specialize in high volume hiring, the process by which staff is obtained can be very straightforward, streamlined, and carried out in a way that ensures only top-quality candidates are being hired to assist with your expansion.

Getting Distracted by New Ideas

As your business becomes more and more successful, it can be very easy to get distracted by new ideas and opportunities that pop up. It’s great that you have so much enthusiasm for your business; chances are it was that enthusiasm that has put you in this place, to begin with, right? However, while you should make a note of these ideas, if you let them take precedent over everything else, it can be very easy to lose sight of what is already working for your business and not focusing on a tried and tested method for success.

Taking On Too Much at Once

One of the biggest obstacles that people tend to find that comes with scaling up and rapidly growing your business is taking on too much at once. Thanks to the number of different opportunities at your fingertips, you will feel the pull to start work on everything simultaneously because all of these points feel equally as important as each other. The fact is, you can’t move as fast or as far as you want to without being able to prioritize tasks, which means leaving some things and saying no to people if you have to.

Spreading Your Team Too Thin

As mentioned above, when your company grows, it can be very tempting to simply chase every single opportunity that presents itself in front of you. All of a sudden, you’ll realize that you’re faced with a range of different product ideas and potential revenue streams, to the point you will feel pressured to pursue all of them. If you do this, you will then be stretching your team too thin, which isn’t fair on them and is also not beneficial for your business. So again, this is an instance where you will need to prioritize work and say no to people if necessary.


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