Creative Tips To Design Unique Custom QR Code

A customized QR code that aligns with your brand will give you a competitive edge and increase brand remembrance. The QR codes were black & white since their inception but today they are versatile. You can design them in several ways without compromising their scannability or aesthetics. QR codes are great for integrating into your marketing channels and reaching target consumers.

QR-Kode.No is a popular QR Code generator capable to create smart QR codes, bio links, and VCards. Users can create custom QR codes that are exclusive quickly and with ease.

What’s a Custom QR code?

It is a QR code with branded appearance. You can choose options like background, colors, and patterns or add a CTA frame and logo. They help to enhance brand remembrance, trigger curiosity and add value to your marketing campaigns.

Custom QR codes are also called designer codes, which is the latest trend here to stay. Branded QR codes, besides adding branding elements can even include customized domains rather than some generic ones. It will help to improve trust in consumers.

Tips To Design Unique Custom Qr Codes

Play with color palette

The era of white & black QR codes is outdated and inaccurate at times to exhibit intended use. QR codes with colors can grab users’ attention. With the color combination, the QR code designs can look appealing. Before you choose colors to design a creative QR code, here are some protocols to follow –

  • Color theme
  • Color scheme
  • Color gradient


Use a high-resolution logo to integrate into the code because it can engage an audience and appear distinguishing. Ensure the logo has the right background and is placed properly in the center to retain scannability. A square logo is best because it doesn’t compromise the design. You can increase or decrease the logo sign from the code generator’s dashboard.


Even the best QR code design will fail if the size is improper. Customized QR code size must be 2 cm x 2 cm at the least for scanning without any issue. It must comply with placement on advertising materials like billboards or brochures. The proportion of QR codes has to be appropriate.

Modify QR Code eyes

The eye color can be changed but it needs to blend with the code color theme. for easy readability, the eyes need to be placed in a square frame. It must not be covered. embed the code-related designs within the center, so the code does not get concealed and makes it non-scannable.

Quiet zone

It is the space around the QR code’s four corners. It helps the scanner differentiate the code and its surrounding. If the space between the module and the quiet zone is overcompensated then the code cannot be scanned. Never overcrowd a quiet zone with lots of data because the pixel size can shrink. Choose dynamic QR codes to avoid overcrowding.

Add CTA frame

Adding a frame will complement the QR code and amplify its visual appearance a lot. Place a CTA in the code’s center on the frame with colorful borders.

Get creative with QR codes to improve engagement!

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