7 Critical Dog Emergencies Pet Parents Can’t Afford to Ignore

Owning a pet is an enormous responsibility. Many dog parents know a few common pet emergencies, yet they aren’t too sure about critical scenarios that may need the vet’s attention as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some dog parents realize the gravity of the situation when their puppies or dogs are inches close to fatality. We suggest pet parents read this list of potential puppy or dog emergencies beforehand so they can quickly come to the rescue in the face of such events.

Also, you don’t need to panic about the expenses you may incur to provide your puppy or dog with quality treatment in such distressing times. Pet insurance for dogs will help your puppy or dog with the best medical care at economical costs. Purchase dog insurance to stay prepared for unforeseen pet health expenditures.

Now, we list out here some of the unanticipated canine emergencies for your information.

Excessive bleeding

This is one pet emergency that pet parents are often tricked into believing they can sort out on their own. Many do first aid at home before eventually seeing the need to take them to the vet. However, pet parents need to make a firm note that if the bleeding is severe or continues over five minutes, they need to take the vet’s help immediately. It is an SOS signal not to be neglected!

Your canine’s fur can conceal a more significant issue; he may have a deeper cut/wound or need stitches to heal the wound before he contracts an infection or suffers internal bleeding that needs urgent medical attention.


Choking is a medical condition that needs timely assistance; it is not a great idea to wait and watch if your pet finds it tough to breathe. Instead, call up the nearest vet emergency clinic to make sure your pet is rescued on time.

Blood oozing out

If you notice blood in vomit, sputum, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, or excreta, it is essential to know its cause. Under no circumstance is this a good sign. You should seek emergency care to know if the reason is any unapparent internal injury and get your doggy treated accordingly.

Excretion issues

If your doggy is experiencing pain when passing urine or defecating, there may be a severe underlying issue contributing to the suffering. Vet care is essential in such moments to resolve the condition. Your vet will help nip any potential problems in the bud.


If your doggy collapses, then move any potentially hazardous objects away from him to avoid further injury. Pay attention to his head, and don’t put anything into his mouth until he recovers, as you may end up with a dog bite. Then, allow him to rest in a quiet and darkroom. In the meantime, ask your vet about managing this scene and help your pet until you hit the vet’s clinic for consultation.


Allowing your dog to play in the summer heat or leaving him in your car while you are busy completing a chore will make him more susceptible to heatstroke. Your pet may experience symptoms like dehydration, excessive panting, dry tongue, seizures, vomits, or diarrhea. It is for sure a pet emergency and not to be ignored by you.


This is the most brutal of all as an unconscious pet may not wake up, and you may misconstrue the whole situation thinking he is sleeping. Your doggo not waking from sleep is a startling situation. You must rush to the vet asap during such a distress call.

Such situations are already emotionally taxing; we don’t wish you to also face the heat of spending much of your savings to provide excellent medical assistance for your best companion. Instead, purchase pet insurance for dogs, so your canine friend is covered for accidents, sickness, and emergency health care. Dog insurance provides you with a financial breather and aids your doggy with quality medical aid at all times.

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