Door Chime For Home Or Business

A door chime alerts you to visitors without disturbing your work or leisure time. It’s easy to set up and can include several features for increased safety.

Some chimes detect motion from 40 or 80 feet away and let you know when someone is there. This is a good way to reduce surprise visits or missed deliveries.

Improved Appearance

Door Chime

If you’re tired of the shrill, nerve-racking noise of your traditional doorbell, consider updating to a quieter, more modern-looking system. Many newer systems have a sleek appearance and are available in multiple finishes that match your home’s decor. You can even add a door camera for an added security feature.

Another important factor in choosing a door chime for your business is the sound it produces. You don’t want it to be so loud that it hurts the ears, but you also don’t want to miss customers when they come in. Thankfully, most chimes have an adjustable sound setting so you can find the perfect balance.

Some wireless chimes have an expanded range that allows you to use them in larger warehouses or businesses where a standard residential doorbell won’t work. For example, the ERA-UTDCR door chime kit has an extended 4,000-foot range from the transmitter (push button or sensor) to the business door chime receiver. You can also expand this system with more sensors, portable receivers and other accessories like strobes or sirens. It’s a great solution for businesses and warehouses that require long-range, reliable wireless products. You can even use it as a store door chime for businesses that want to alert staff when customers are coming in. This wireless door chime for business features an adjustable volume and 8 chime tones to choose from.

Access from Anywhere

Door Chime

A wireless door chime alerts you and staff of people entering your store, office or small business. A sensor (magnet) and transmitter mount to the entryway and outline, at that point send a flag to the chime box that plays your choice of tunes or tones. The chime can also be set to activate other devices such as alarms, buzzers and even barking dog sounds in security applications.

Chimes are available in a wide range of finishes to match your home or business décor. Silver, bronze and plain white options easily blend with your current decor without changing the look of your exterior doors or windows. Wired chimes are also available in modern finishes like satin bronze and nickel to update the front door or other entrance points throughout your home.

Most chimes have adjustable settings so you can adjust the sound and transmission range to best meet your needs. For example, you might want a chime that can be heard even in another part of the house or you might need a longer transmission range for a large building such as a warehouse or a store. You can also expand your chimes with more push buttons, more receivers or even add-on accessories such as strobe lights and sirens.

Convenient Features

Door Chime

A door chime for business can help to deter crime simply by alerting potential thieves that there is someone in the building or parking lot. Modern door chimes are also capable of integrating with security systems to provide alerts on smartphones when the system is triggered, as well as the ability to activate camera footage and turn lights on at the business.

The type of chime you choose depends on your needs and budget. You can find models that feature contact sensors that ring when the door is opened or those that detect motion. Motion detectors can be prone to false alarms, but you can usually adjust settings to minimize the risk.

Other features you might consider include a choice of chime tunes and adjustable volume. You want a chime that is not so loud that it is disruptive, but you also need to be able to hear it when a customer approaches the front door. You may also want to look for a model that includes visual alert icons, as these can be especially useful in a restaurant or other busy environment. Some chimes can work with multiple push buttons and allow you to assign each one to its own unique chime tune. The SadoTech EZ Chime Kit, for example, is an entry door alarm sensor that has six chime tunes and adjustable volume. It can also pair with up to three add-on push buttons and works within a 450-foot range.


Many people use door chime sensors to help keep family members or elderly adults safe by preventing them from accidentally exiting the house. With a custom setting, a door sensor can send an alert to the touchscreen control panel that lets those living inside know that someone has opened the door. This makes it easy to prevent a child or elderly loved one from going out to meet friends without the need for an alarm sounding.

In addition to helping seniors and those with hearing loss, these wireless entry alerts also help prevent robbery. They work in tandem with other security features to provide an extra layer of safety. These include home automation features like a mobile app and touchscreen panel. This allows those who live in the home to arm and disarm their system, receive instant alerts, watch their security camera feeds and more, even when they are away from home.

Door chime sensors feature a transmitter and magnet that mount to the door or frame. When they separate, the transmitter sends a wireless signal to the receiver that chimes with your choice of tune or tone. These devices are quick and easy to install with no electrical wiring or through-the-wall drilling required. They operate up to 500 feet and are water and weather resistant. This STI-3360 model has 52 different alert chimes that are adjustable to meet your preferences.

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