Fastest Lens For Sony A7c

The Sony a7C is among the handiest comprehensive cameras available, invented to be versatile, easy to handle, and portable whilst also sustaining the modern capabilities, high-tech optical zoom structure, and professional quality pixel density that you have been accustomed to from Sony cameras.

This is without a doubt one of the favourite Sony cameras around the world. According to reviews from people, It has accompanied photographers everywhere in the globe wherever they wanted to travel. People have been looking for an amazing travel lens to pair with their Sony a7C camera when they purchased it. After searching the world of cameras for several years, listed below are the few fantastic Sony a7C lenses for trips which I believe you must purchase.

Best All-Around Travel Lens

This is, without a doubt, the top travel lens for Sony a7C cameras. The Sony FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM lens, attempts to bring new capabilities and innovations to a versatile lens whilst also remaining light and compact. Such a lens’ focus point range is also incredibly flexible, enabling you to go broad at 24mm, which again is wonderful for layout and nature photography, or punch in at 70mm and capture photographs.

With its corner-to-corner pixel pitch, excellent design, and quick autofocus of F2.8, the lens can generate some spectacular bokeh as well as object arrangement whilst also letting you create high-resolution pictures irrespective of whether the lighting is good or not. 

The sleek design of this lens is its amazing feature. This lens is indeed the world’s handy Full frame F2.8 consistent autofocus classic zoom lens, weighing just 690g, which is unprecedented for such kind of multi-functional lens.

The new style component as well complements the Sony a7C’s sleek structure, as compared to the older model, which was discovered to be too large and heavy for the Sony a7C.

This is the lens to buy if you are searching for the finest and easiest travel lens for your Sony a7C. It is a bit pricey, but keeping in view the outstanding performance index, I believe it is worth it. That is the one lens that genuinely rules them all.

Best Landscape Lens

The sigma 16-28mm F2.8 DG DN lens is less expensive than the Sony 16-35mm lens. Throughout many scenarios, the Sigma lens provides outstanding picture results which can be compared to the Sony’s GM lens, but in a significantly sleeker and portable packet, making it suitable for journeys.

Apart from the Tamron 17-28mm F2.8 lens, the Sigma lens leads directly to 16mm, making it ideal for several travel applications. The lens does not have the same 35mm focal spectrum as the Sony GM, but I am willing to trade the narrow point of focus spectrum for a lens which is more portable and compact.

The best thing is, it costs less than half the cost of the Sony 16-35mm F2.8 GM lens, creating it among the most affordable price wide-angle lenses available. With such an appealing price level, this Tamron lens also made a Sony enthusiast including myself reconsider purchasing the 2000+ USD GM lens as compared to the 900 USD sigma lens. This lens is an excellent choice to think about if you are searching for a reasonably priced landscape lens for your Sony camera.

Best Video Lens

If you are primarily a video recorder seeking a travel lens which is broad enough to record landscape while remaining compact enough to be attached to a Steadicam, the Sony PZ 16-35mm F4 G Lens is an excellent choice.

It is a new collection of power telephoto lenses which enable you to digitally manage your magnification, letting you record soft clips while zooming both in and out, a great tool for video recorders.

The lens even has an inner magnification barrel that does not broaden or disintegrate while zooming, enabling you to use the zoom function on a Steadicam without rebalancing it every moment you zoom.

With the power zoom function and its powerful and flexible focal spectrum, you can also undergo a few fascinating video techniques, such as the film dolly zoom method, which is frequently used in Hollywood movies by Best known filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, and so on.

Best Portrait Lens

It is most likely the lightest and smallest 85mm F1.4 Lens available. It weighs approximately 630g (22.2oz), which is 200g lighter than the Sony GM lens. This lens is only slightly larger than the Sony FE 85mm F1.8, but it features a much wider magnification. 

Such a lens creates stunning motion blur, as one would anticipate from a lens that has a wide angle. It is also significantly clearer in most use situations as compared to other 85mm lenses, and also sleeker than that of the Sony 85mm F1.4 GM lens.

And now you have it; a comprehensive list of the finest Sony a7C lenses for journeys that you must consider purchasing this year. What are your thoughts on this list? Is there something I have forgotten? If any, kindly let me know in the section for feedback below.


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