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Franz Beckenbauer net worth

How rich is Franz Beckenbauer?

Franz Beckenbauer is actually best known for one thing: his footballing skills. These, however, did not bring the German the incredible fortune that he possesses today. In a few years, Beckenbauer earned more than one million DM during his active career, but today he has one estimated net worth of 160 million euros. He was able to build up this because he succeeded in marketing himself very well, especially after his career as a footballer.

Franz Beckenbauer net worth
Today he is not only one of the most colorful personalities in German sport, but also an advertising figure and Sky football expert. He has also been Honorary President of FC Bayern Munich since 2009 and was President of the Organizing Committee of the 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany, which is currently making headlines because it is alleged 6.7 million euros of the DFB sold “not verifiable” became. To what extent the emperor is involved remains to be seen, but his signature is said to have signed some of the incriminating documents. At Sky he announced in March 2016 that he would pause the 25-year collaboration for the time being so that he can relax from the hustle and bustle around himself in an indefinite break.

Emperor Franz Beckenbauer: One of the best footballers in Germany

Beckenbauer, born in 1945, led an ordinary life in his youth. As the son of a post office secretary, he grew up in normal circumstances. He discovered his love for football early on. So he played in his youth for the SC 1906 Munich, before he moved to Bayern Munich at the age of 13. It was there that he would begin his professional career five years later – initially with earnings of 400 DM per year. In 1965, Beckenbauer played his first professional game, a year later he won the DFB Cup, the first title of his career. Numerous successes at national and international level were to follow. This also made itself felt on Beckenbauer’s paycheck, because In his later years at Bayern Munich, Beckenbauer already earned more than one million DM. After winning the World Cup in 1976, however, the Germans moved to Cosmos New York, mainly due to financial considerations. There he received for one Three-year contract a salary of $ 7 million. Then Beckenbauer played two more years at Hamburger SVbefore ending his active career.

From player to coach

Franz Beckenbauer income
The European and world champion Beckenbauer immediately switched to another lucrative position after the end of his active career. For example, Beckenbauer, who had won several awards for his country, became after the desolate departure of the Germans at the European Championships in 1984, National team coach. There he achieved his first major success in 1986, when he led the team to the final, completely surprising. The most important triumph did not follow until 1990, however. At that time, the national team only managed to qualify for the World Cup in the last qualifying game. In this, however, the Beckenbauer team shone and won the third world title in the history of the German national team. The coach and team boss announced his resignation after this success and turned to other activities. The time as national coach should also have paid off financially, a Salary of up to one million DM per year stands in the room.

More money with clubs

In Beckenbauer’s departure from the national team, financial considerations will also have played a role. Accordingly, his commitment to Olympique Marseille, which he took up in 1990, was also paid significantly better. But that shouldn’t be the high point in the sporting-financial area, because Beckenbauer first became Vice President in 1991 and then President of FC Bayern Munich in 1994. This commitment brought Beckenbauer up to one million euros annually. In 2009, Beckenbauer decided to hand over this position to his successor, Uli Hoeneß. Nevertheless, the well-known player had previously held other sideline activities in the sporting field. Among other things, Beckenbauer was Vice-President of the DFB, member of the UEFA Executive Committee and member of the FIFA Executive Committee. He was also active in organizing the 2006 World Cup in Germany. These commitments also leaked to Beckenbauer’s financial situation. However, nothing is known about exact salaries.

Web deals and media figure

Uli Hoeneß and Franz Beckenbauer

Uli Hoeneß and Franz Beckenbauer

Probably more important for that Beckenbauer assets Indeed numerous deals with media houses and sponsors have been. Among other things, Beckenbauer appeared on numerous talk shows. In addition, he wrote Columns for newspapers and tried other media formats. Last but not least, numerous companies lined up to sign an advertising contract with Beckenbauer. The footballer had his longest engagements with Adidas and Erdinger wheat beer, Beckenbauer has been promoting both companies for more than 30 years. Other well-known brands for which the German has posed are Aral, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Post, Erdinger Weissbier, E-Plus and O2. According to expert opinions, every Beckenbauer deal was sweetened with the equivalent of at least one million euros.

Good asset management by his son

That Franz Beckenbauer among the 500 richest Germans is not only due to its great success. Beckenbauer can also look forward to competent support in the area of ​​financial investments. This is how the Manage most of his fortune from his son Thomast. He founded the company Swiss Asset Management a few years ago and has been bringing his father high returns for years. Nevertheless, Beckenbauer had to accept losses, because the capital, which was sometimes risky, was badly affected by the financial crisis. The damage to Beckenbauer is estimated at tens of millions.

A life in the Alps

Today Franz Beckenbauer lives relatively secluded in Kitzbühel, Austria. There he invested many millions in a “palace” in the mountains. From this domicile, Beckenbauer has direct access to a ski area. The house also offers all the necessary amenities. Beckenbauer also has several other apartments and houses as well as a large fleet of vehicles.

Nobody can split good friends. The song from Emperor Franz:

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