Green with Envy: Unique Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard

Want to impress your neighbors? Nothing is as eye-catching as unique landscaping in your front yard. Unfortunately, many imaginative homeowners shoot for sophisticated but end up with tawdry instead.

There’s an art to creating a distinctive landscape, and here’s a hint from the professionals: it doesn’t include lawn gnomes. Read on to discover time-tested landscape designs built to wow your neighbors, so you won’t hang your head in shame next time they drive by.

Unique Landscaping Designs Start with Board Games

One cool landscaping concept started in the family room over a game of checkers. It relies on square tiles, so it’s perfectly suited to your type-A personality.

You start by marking the area into a grid pattern. You want each square tile in the grid to measure a foot and a half per side. You can increase that size up to three feet per side but save the larger squares for huge lawns.

The next part of your front yard design involves laying a bender board. Use it to section off the tiles. Next, you fill the tiles with bark, rocks, bricks, or other porous landscaping material.

You can use whatever filler you choose. be sure the colors and textures give the grid a checkerboard impression. If you want to add another layer of cool landscaping ideas to the mix, include plants or trees to make things feel more organic.

Add a Tier to Your Garden

If you have the wherewithal to move beyond grass and a few shrubs, experts rely on terraced flowerbeds. They might sound passé, but if done right, they’ll be one of the most unique landscaping ideas in your city.

Start this project with three things in mind: height, diversity, year-round color. The height refers to the tiers. You want three or more, the highest should stand at least two feet taller than the lawn.

You want to include a diverse range of flowers, shrubs, and possibly even herbs into your landscape design. Choose a variety of plants, including those that bloom in different seasons, so you’ll have color year-round.

If you’re uncertain how to proceed, hire a landscape architect that also provides lawn care maintenance, as the folks over at That way, your architect will not only provide unique landscaping ideas but also keeps your new investment looking gorgeous throughout the year.

Trellis with a Stone Walkway

You’ve seen them in all the best Rom-Coms, from the ‘60s to today. Yep, we’re talking about weddings with a trellis. And now you can have one in your front yard.

The trick to an elegant trellis is an understatement. Think of the trellis as a wireframe for the star of the show: your climbing plants. Carolina Jessamine, Honeysuckle, and Bougainvillea are the most popular choices.

And don’t forget to line the walkway with flat, natural stones. You may choose to border the stone with sand, grass, or even moss. Just be sure to avoid concrete.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a few reliable and unique landscaping designs, it’s time to get started. Pick the design that best suited your tastes. Now, sketch out a blueprint that incorporates the new landscape design into your current yard layout.

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