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The Best Shade Choices To Keep Cool During Summer

Summer may be associated with a lot of fun and excitement, but it’s also associated with the searing summer heat. While the sun can indeed be fun to have, it’s also good to take a rest underneath a good shade with the breeze blowing about. Thankfully, there are a lot of choices to choose from when it comes to shades like motorized manual retractable shades.

The Best Shade Choices To Keep Cool During Summer

Gazebos and Retractable Shades

Structures like gazebos and pergolas are beautiful standalone structures that effectively provide shade during the summer. Not only are these structures functional during the summer time, but they also add an aesthetic value to the property. 

The price of structures like these range greatly depending on their size, the materials used, and the overall complexities. A simple gazebo can be achieved with a few hundred dollars, but more intricate and elaborate designs can run to the thousands. 

Gazebos and pergolas are great options to consider for shade during the summer because they can cover a wide area and host many people inside. Retractable shades are a great option to keep cool as well and you can easily retract it when you don’t need it. Furthermore, these are well loved for how they allow fresh air to breeze through. 

Deck Umbrellas

Imagine sitting on a deck or a patio with a large beautiful umbrella. Deck umbrellas can stand on their own from their own support structures or they can also be incorporated into the tables themselves. Deck umbrellas are great sources of shade in the summer because they are quite inexpensive compared to the other shade options.

The size of the deck umbrella has its advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The limited shade of the deck umbrella allows large amounts of natural light to continue to pour through and enhance the scenery. However, its size is limited by nature. Deck umbrellas do not cover as many people compared to other shade options. 

Another thing to worry about these deck umbrellas is that they are very vulnerable to strong winds. Unless you can get really strong deck umbrellas, these large umbrellas can succumb to strong winds and get damaged in the process.

Stretched Tarps

Stretched tarps or shaded canopies can also be an excellent shade option for the summer time. These are shades composed of tarpaulins or other fabrics stretched across open areas that can be attached to such as walls, roofs, and poles. Like deck umbrellas, stretched tarps are excellent for people on a budget because these can be relatively inexpensive. You can get a good tarp for only about $35. 

These are also effective shades because they cover a large area – way larger than a deck umbrella. Additionally, stretched tarps are also a good choice for people who are looking for an effective shade while keeping the area feel open and breezy. Different colors can be chosen to be used for shade and people can get colors that would easily match the aesthetic they were going for. 


If your home has an upper floor, then you can consider getting a balcony. A balcony can really add to that vacation feeling you might be looking for in the summer. Not only can you outfit the balcony with its own shade but you can also prepare the space underneath the balcony to be its own shaded area. With enough foresight, people can design a balcony with a patio underneath.

Understandably, balconies can cost a pretty penny because it requires constructing a structure that is connected to the main house. But many would argue it really is worth it. A balcony can really add to the aesthetic of the place and be a hub for comfort. 


No matter what material all the other shades are, there is nothing more natural and pristine compared to a tree. Close your eyes and put yourself in your own shoes when you were still a little kid playing in the backyard. Without a care in the world and enjoying summer vacation, nothing can compare to that carefree feeling of lying in the ground and just being in the moment underneath the shade of a good tree. 

Of course, trees are complicated things. Compared to the other shade options in this list, it’s not like you can just install a whole tree in your yard. But at the same time, no other option can be grown from seed. 

It definitely has its pros and cons, but if you decide early enough, you can probably have a good enough tree in a few years. Some trees can produce a good amount of shade in about 5-6 years. 

Not only do these trees provide shade but they also add a natural element to the property. Trees provide so many ecological services such as oxygen production and serve as habitats for many other animals. If you want to hear birds chirping on your property, then consider getting a tree soon.


There are so many options to choose from when it comes to shade during the summertime, and they all have different advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider the pros and cons of each to choose the right one for you. 

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