How Much Does a Septic Tank Inspection Cost?

Did you know that a septic tank can last 20-30 years? Whether you’re buying a new home or having problems with your septic tank, you may need to have it inspected. If you aren’t familiar with septic tanks, you won’t know how much a septic tank inspection costs.

Read more about when you should have your septic tank inspected and how much it will cost you.

Purchasing a Home

If you’re buying a house that has a septic tank, it will need to be inspected during your home inspection. This is going to tell you about the health and well-being of the tank.

The inspector can make notes if there are any defects, past problems, how old the tank is, and if it is in good working order. This can cost anywhere from $250-$500 because it is an intensive inspection.

If you need a septic system inspection, make sure to schedule a visit for a time that works best for you. You can learn a lot from watching the process.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Many people aren’t aware that there is cleaning and upkeep associated with having a septic tank. This type of inspection can cost between $100-$150.

Inspecting a septic tank should happen every 3-5 years by a professional.  Inspections are important to prevent major issues from happening. Inspectors can give you tips on how to keep your septic tank running efficiently.

Healthy Septic Tank

Do you know how to keep your septic tank healthy so that you won’t spend more money in the long run? The simple answer is to not flush anything down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper.

Anything else you can imagine putting in there will cause clogs, backups, and even a system failure. Another tip is to ensure you’re using high efficiently toilets.

You can choose one of these toilets by looking at the way it removes the waste. Septic tank inspectors recommend getting a toilet that uses velocity to flush instead of water volume.

Septic Tank Inspection

You’re more than welcome to watch your inspector examine your septic tank. They’re able to give you on-site advice and a diagnosis.

They’re going to be checking into the size of the tank. Depending on how many people are in your family, you may need to have the tank drained because it can fill up too quickly.

Making sure there are no leaks is another part of the inspection. They can see if there are any leaks by looking for tree roots that may be close. While they are looking in there, they will be able to see if any broken pipes need tending to.

There is known sludge in the tank, which cannot be more than 1/3 of the size of the tank. They will also ensure the liquid is not leaking into other water sources that it could be contaminating.

Septic Tank Inspection Cost

Your septic tank inspection cost may cost between $100-$500, but this will prevent you from spending much more to repair something that is broken. It is best to stay ahead of the repair and choose to have your septic tank inspected by a professional.

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