How Sully Shoulder Braces Help Heal Upper Body Injuries Faster

Shoulder injuries are common in athletes and older people. It’s easy to injure the shoulder, especially if the joint is starting to deteriorate. There are also many different types of shoulder injuries, which can be difficult to assess because of the shape and size of the joint. The shoulder is a complex joint and it can be difficult to find adequate support for an injured shoulder. 

The Sully Shoulder Brace is a top choice among medical professionals and injured patients because it provides support and minimizes movement which is necessary to heal from injuries. It can assist athletes or other people recovering from impact injuries, over use, or even slip and fall injuries. 

Here’s how the Sully Shoulder Brace helps heal upper body injuries faster. 


Proprioception is generally a person’s awareness of their injury but it’s technically a little more than that. Not only is someone aware of their shoulder injury but proprioception dictates that they are also aware of their arm’s position and how the injured area is coordinating with the other muscles around it. The injured person is also paying close attention to how much force they are applying as they are moving around. 

Using the Sully Shoulder Brace is shown to improve proprioception in people with shoulder injuries. This helps the shoulder heal more quickly because it improves stabilization. Better stabilization and improved proprioception helps prevent further injury while providing the shoulder joint adequate time and support to heal properly.  


The Sully Shoulder Brace has elastic straps that attach to the brace itself with Velcro, so that it can be adequately tightened to provide compression. Compression constricts blood vessels in the injured joint sending the swelling and edema back toward the body’s core for the lymphatic system to dispose of. 

This reduces pain and swelling in the injured shoulder to speed healing without the need for harsh medications. The compression provided by tightening the Sully Shoulder Brace offers a controlled range of motion to remind the patient of their injury while allowing them to use their shoulder. It also reduces stiffness in the joint to help aid the healing process.


The Sully Shoulder Brace provides the support needed for the large shoulder joint during the healing process to prevent further injury. It offers multidirectional control to stabilize and restrict movement of the joint appropriately. The shoulder joint can be specifically restricted according to the injury to allow adequate healing time without completely preventing use of the joint. 

The support offered by the Sully Shoulder Brace helps to train the joint to maximize range of motion while managing blood flow to the area. This helps repair the tissue while decreasing the associated pain as the shoulder heals. Support also helps stabilize the joint and decrease inflammation to facilitate recovery. 


The Sully Shoulder Brace does come in multiple sizes but the elastic straps with Velcro allow it to be personalized to the patient. It can be secured as tightly as necessary to facilitate support, compression, and proprioception. The straps can also be attached to the body of the brace anywhere the patient chooses, to customize support and immobilization for different injuries. 

The body of the brace is neoprene, so it gently grasps the skin to move with the patient as it controls the range of motion. The way a shoulder brace fits a patient directly impacts the benefit seen from wearing the product. If the brace is too big or too small, it will not be able to offer adequate support. To successfully restrict external rotation and stabilize the joint, the Sully Shoulder Brace must fit properly.

Sully Shoulder Brace

The Sully Shoulder Brace can be used to facilitate faster healing of multiple types of shoulder injuries, but it is recommended that a medical provider be consulted before use. The brace helps immobilize the area and stabilize the joint to prevent further injury and provide adequate support for the healing process. It also helps reduce inflammation in the injured shoulder joint to prevent pain and swelling while promoting adequate blood flow to the area. The Sully Shoulder Brace is one of the most reliable shoulder braces available to help properly heal various types of shoulder injuries. 


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