How To Acknowledge and Process Body Image Insecurities

The world today is abuzz with images of how ideal bodies should look, and everybody is getting sucked into perceptions of perfect body types. Electronic and social media encourages the narrative by popularizing celebrities and public figures with particular body types. 

People naturally fall prey to unrealistic standards of body image expectations when they perceive themselves as falling short of those standards. It’s  tempting to adjust yourself to conform to never-ending societal expectations. The likely outcome is a dent in your self-esteem and a demoralizing effect on yourself. 

While it’s normal to feel occasionally insecure about one or two aspects of your body, ultimately it’s unhealthy if it persists or seems to be a nagging feeling your entire life. Acknowledge and process your insecurities by learning how to overcome them using the tips below.  

Be Forgiving 

People are often hard on themselves and create unrealistic standards for their bodies. You may criticize your physique in several aspects, but other people probably do not notice. Be forgiving towards yourself because no one is perfect. You may have particular flaws, but they are a part of you, so embrace them. 

Forgiving yourself is critical, especially for body imperfections that you can do little or nothing to change. Beating yourself down for having flaws only sucks away your happiness and can lead to depression if unchecked. Develop a positive outlook by finding the good side of any defect. 

For example, if you have larger hips, instead of covering them in baggy clothes, wear suitable clothes for your body type. Wearing wide-leg pants, A-line skirts, shorter tops, etc., accentuates the upper body and gives an illusion of a well-figured body. Flaunt the look, and your flaw becomes your mood booster.     

Practice Acceptance 

Body acceptance is critical in promoting a healthy life. No one is perfect, and the people you regard as having ideal bodies suffer imperfections only known to them. Without self-acceptance, most people would have an unhealthy obsession with changing themselves. 

Take stock of your undesirable body features and learn to accept them if you cannot change them. To embrace yourself, you must face your flaws often and reiterate that they are a part of you. Look at yourself in the mirror and practice positive affirmations to accept your imperfections.   

Accepting and appreciating your unique characteristics and features helps combat negative feelings or ideas about body image. The scar you have becomes a symbol of survival in place of an ugly mark on your body. The streak of gray hair can provide a sophisticated look rather than perceiving it as a sign of old age.  

Put Personal Taste First

One way not to succumb to societal expectations is to subordinate them to personal taste. Your preference should always supersede any fads and trends out there. Such a mindset helps you overcome self-doubt, and you can curtail any of your insecurities, including body image. 

What society perceives as an ideal physique is only a small group of people’s perspective. Create your brand by embracing what looks, feels, and seems okay to yourself. Let your body set the standards of suitability and not any fashion trends. 

For example, choose sunglasses that showcase your style and make you feel confident. To give yourself more options, from designer Ray-Ban sunglasses to classic aviator sunglasses, shop from an online retailer that offers more frame and lens filtering features that will not only protect your eyes but contribute to you feeling good by choosing accessories that boost your self-confidence and are practical to boot.       

Face the Noise

Many of the insecurities people experience about their bodies come more from within than externally. You keep repeating to yourself about your undesirable features, and it becomes a constant noise internally. To overcome the insecurities, you must recognize and face the noise in your mind.

Hear the internal voice that critiques your attributes and shortcomings to process body insecurities better. In addition, know the root cause of your self-critique. Psychologists reveal that many insecurities born of self-criticism stem from unresolved childhood experiences. Establish what the mind is attempting to protect you from and free yourself. 

Freedom comes from talking about traumatic experiences that you blocked and finding peace. If you can, seek help from a professional therapist to walk you through the process. You will soon discover that it was never about the physical impairment but the emotional pain associated with the flaw. 

Embrace Your Body

Freeing yourself from body image insecurities is a journey that needs a first step to get somewhere. If the insecurities have been present for a lifetime, more effort is necessary to recover from them. Acknowledging and processing negative self-perceptions helps to negate them, and you can live a happier and healthier life.   



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