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How to Lower Your Air Conditioner’s Energy Consumption at Home

What is the one appliance in your house that uses the most energy? It is the air conditioner if you have central air conditioning. Start by examining the biggest energy consumer in your home if you want to conserve energy. 

The air conditioner is a complicated piece of gear. Therefore you must call your service person if it breaks down. However, you can take steps to maintain the system operational and reduce energy use. To do this, you must follow this advice.

Altering the indoor filter

The pressure in the indoor coil decreases due to a filthy air filter obstructing airflow. The air conditioner’s compressor will have to work harder to maintain the lower pressure, consuming more energy. The unit has to operate longer since the cooling diminishes as well. 

Rooms at the duct’s end may need more air and become warmer due to poor airflow. To make up for this, there is a propensity to decrease the thermostat setting, wasting even more energy. Change your 4-inch air filters twice a year, once before summer and once before winter, if you have one. In the height of summer and winter, one-inch filters might need to be replaced every month.

Clean up the outside unit of debris.

The outside coil must have unrestricted airflow. Put your hand over the top while the device is running. A strong, warm breeze ought to be present. Call your service person if it is not strong or the air is excessively hot. Any detritus, including grass and leaves, can obstruct airflow.

Energy usage rises due to the air conditioner’s compressor having to work harder. It must operate longer since capacity is also declining. Only use your garden hose to spray water on the outside of the device if the coil is too unclean. This will force dirt deeper within the coil.

Observe the piping for frosting

Look at the bigger copper pipe that enters the indoor coil from the pair. You have an issue if you spot any ice. It is common for cold water to condense on the pipe, but if the temperature drops too low, the water will freeze. 

The air conditioner cannot function at this temperature. Either the airflow is stopped, the filter is extremely unclean, or worse. Or, the most likely reason, the device lacks refrigerant. Both issues might present. Usually, this ice won’t do any immediate harm, but if it needs to be corrected, it might cause your compressor to fail sooner than expected.

Set the thermostat to the most comfortable position

Only when the thermostat setting is reached does the air conditioner turn on. Lower the setting and the appliance runs less. There are several attempts to dictate the environment to you. 

Since it is your house, you may do as you choose. Try raising by one degree at a time. When it feels uncomfortable, turn it down one or two degrees.

Shut the drapes

A lot of energy is added by sunlight entering through the windows. Your air conditioner must completely remove this energy. Additionally, rugs and furniture fade in direct sunshine. Any device used to reflect or block light radiation decreases the amount of solar gain that is added to your cooling. 

There are many possibilities accessible; you choose what you want. When making your choice, take into account how well sunlight is prevented.


These energy-saving measures for your air conditioner at home may be the fastest way to save significant energy.


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