How to Make Money Selling Your Photos & Stock Content on 123RF

Many business owners need high-quality images these days, and they can find them on platforms for stock photography. Stock photography is a cheap way to get high-quality pictures without hiring a professional. Under this agreement, the photos belong to the freelance photographer, and the buyer only receives the “rights of usage.” But 123RF is a great place to begin if you want to start a business selling stock photos. You can get paid passively by selling your images on one of the busiest stock photography sites in the world. In this review of the world’s largest digital stock agency 123RF, you’ll learn everything you need to know about it.

How Much Do Photographers Get Paid?

123RF says it pays photographers who contribute between 30% and 60%, but there are many ways to get to 60%. How much you get paid depends on how many of your stock photos, vectors, footage, audio, and tools are on the site, based on your contributor level. If less than 1,000 of your photos are accepted, you’ll get 30% of the net income for credit customers. To get that 60%, you would have to have had at least a million photos accepted.

How Can I Join?

  • To make an account, go to the site’s sign-up page and click “sign up as a 123RF photographer/contributor.”
  • Give a government-issued ID that is still valid.
  • Click the “I agree” button to see the different legal forms.
  • For a first look, send 10 sample pictures with keywords.

It takes reviewers about a week to approve or refuse request.

Getting Paid

Getting paid is easy. On the “Earnings” page, you can find out how much you make each day, month, and year. If your account has more than $50, you can monetize your photos/content. You will need to set up a payment account and choose to be paid by Moneybookers, Payoneer, Paypal, or a check. If you have more than $50 in your account, payments will be made automatically between the 13th and 17th of each month. Checks can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to reach their destination.

How to Make Money Selling Your Photos & Stock Content on 123RF

Making Money Suggestions

Getting your pictures accepted is only half the battle. On 123RF, clients can choose from millions of images, so it’s not always easy for your images to be seen, let alone chosen. But you can make this easier by doing some things.

  • Give it a shot. In a lot of ways, 123RF is like a numbers game. The more photos you upload and get approved, the more likely people will buy them, and the higher your commission percentage will be.
  • Partner with us. If you become an affiliate and put their link on your website, you’ll get a cut of the sale from anyone who uses your link to buy from or donate to 123RF.
  • Sign up for 123RF’s newsletter. This shows the most popular photos from the last month and makes guesses about what will be popular in the coming months. This will tell you what people are buying.

In Conclusion

Some photographers can make money through 123RF, but most are more likely to get a few small checks throughout the year. But it’s a great place to find out how the business of stock photography works. Doing so can also help you get better at photography, let you try new things, and keep your creative juices flowing.

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