How To Make Your Next Date Night Really Special

There can be a lot of pressure on date nights. If you’re both busy individuals, sometimes you can only steal a couple of hours together in which it’s easier to switch on the telly rather than plan something creative and exciting. 

Date nights play an important role in maintaining intimacy and fun in a relationship. But don’t let this make you feel daunted; there are plenty of simple ways to freshen up date night and bring back that spark that drove you together in the first place!

When there’s just too much inspiration

Whenever you ask people about their perfect date, you quickly see that everyone has a different fantasy. Be it a romantic round of mini golf, a chilled picnic in the park or an ultra-chic city break, everyone’s dream date says something special about them. 

So, with this date night, think outside the box a bit and plan something a little more exciting than going to that one bar that you always go to. How about trying a dance class together? Not only is it physically intimate, it’s also fun and if you mess up the footing, you can both have a good giggle about it. You might also meet some new, likeminded people too! Don’t be afraid to try other classes too; with everything from cocktail to floral arrangement and cooking classes available in most cities, reap the benefits of learning a new skill together.

Alternatively, go further afield and bring the tent with you. A douse of adventure is good in any relationship and with no technology to distract you, a quick camping trip is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and enjoy each other’s space with only the sheep for company. Bring along a picnic supper, a box of chocolate covered toffee and a bottle of wine and make an evening of it before a romantic midnight stroll. 

For something closer to home

A special date night doesn’t always mean having to leave the comfort of your four walls. Turn off the TV, get your pencils out and start sketching your loved one, warts and all! Or crack open a board game and test your friendship through hard-won victories and heartbreakingly mis-judged moves on the chess board. 

Alternatively, dust off the Atlas and plan a trip away! Discuss your dream destinations, what you’d like to do there and find the one that fits you both perfectly. There’s nothing like some vacation planning to make you feel positive about the future with your soul mate. 

And for those who aren’t quite so serious yet, a DIY wine tasting, some wholesome sunset watching or a bubble bath should tick all the romantic boxes. 


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