How to record Teamviewer Meeting with Audio?

Can I record my TeamViewer meeting high resolution video via screen recorder for PC? Teamviewer is the most amazing platform for conducting online meetings. With Teamviewer meeting online platform, you can connect to teams and contacts via secure video conferencing and  VoIP calls. It makes video conferences more effective and improves internal communication.

With the help of this video tool, you will be able to host and join the meeting on any device for collaboration across the world. The main reason to use this meeting platform is that it provides you secure meeting connection. It provides you with end-to-end encryption.

Additionally, the reasons for the popularity of this app is that It has unique features such as one-tap instant meetings, easy VoIP calls, hosting huge huddles, secure file sharing, cross-platform collaboration, etc. my boss also arranges all meetings online via Team Viewer meeting, where he personally adds people from different branches of his company, discuss project and project progress and also make future stargaties online, and all participants make discussion on weak points of projects. 

That’s why no one wants to miss important meetings. A few of my colleagues want to record meetings too because, after the meeting, they want the group to discuss all points again and listen to the important part of the meeting to improve our productivity level. Mostly record a meeting to watch again the weak points which were discussed in the meeting. But the difficulty is that most of the screen recorders only record screens. They do not record original voices. 

Another main issue is how to record TeamViewer meetings with high quality. Now a day’s Main concern of people is video quality because if a recorded meeting has low video and audio quality, you can’t use that video again. So what can we do? According to my personal experience, use the iTop Screen Recorder for recording online meetings. . 

iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a robust screen recording tool for recording online meetings. If your demand is to record high-quality video with high-quality audio, use an iTop Screen Recorder. The best thing about this screen recorder is that it captures pc screen with 4k high definition video. Via this recording tool, you are allowed to capture full screen or any dimension of the screen during Team viewer online meeting. This tool does not cause any latency because of low CPC usage and gets video like the original one. 

After recording the online meeting, before saving this video for reference, you can make some changes to the video with the iTop screen record inbuilt tool; you can adjust the volume of the video, video frame size, filters, and pro effects. You can get this video done in 12 different formats. To use this video in the future, you can save it in Google Drive or share this video on various platforms or closed companies whatsapp or Facebook groups. 

How to use an iTop Screen Recorder to record a TeamViewer meeting? 

If you are informed that your meeting is going to be held on Teamviewer meeting software, and your desire is to record a video with your original voice. Don’t worry, and you do screen recording with an iTop Screen Recorder. 

Here is the complete method of recording online TeamViewer meeting with the iTop Screen Recorder for PC; follow these steps.

  • Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your computer from the official website of iTop official website
  • After installation, go to PC desktop, tap on the iTop Screen Recorder icon, and open it 
  • When the app opens, here you will see different options for the recording screen. 
  • To record the team viewer session, you will first have to tweak the configuration. Double tap to run iTop Screen Recorder.
  • Go to settings and make some changes to the microphone, speakers, mouse action, webcam, formats, etc. tap on the red save buttons to save all these changes.
  • Join your official  team viewer meeting online 
  • Now go back to the main interface. Select the area for the team viewer meeting and tap on the red record button to start. You will see a square button on the floating bar press it to end the recording.
  • Team viewer meeting recording is then available under my creation to edit, preview and upload.


Undoubtedly There are hundreds of tools available in the online market to recordeeting like zoom meeting and TeamViewer meeting, but most of these tools do not help you to record audio ; they just support screen recording with no voice. That’s why spending money on those is not the right thing. But the free iTop Screen Recorder tool promises to record TeamViewer meetings with clear and original voice without latency.

In addition, you will get all videos in 4k high resolution.

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