Is VFX A Good Career in Delhi?

Manipulating imagery to create a particular effect is termed Visual Effects or VFX. A VFX artist or visual effects artist usually works in the entertainment industry that encompasses films, television shows, video games, etc. They handle projects that entail complex and exaggerated yet realistic environments, situations, action, elements, characters, etc., which require a blend of computer graphics or computer-generated images with real-life shoots. Often these sequences are dangerous to simulate in real life.


  • In the financial year 2020, the market size of India’s VFX and post-production industry was INR 79 billion. It is estimated to reach INR 147 billion by the fiscal year 2024.
  • The market value of India’s gaming industry is estimated to reach 143 billion rupees by 2022 from 90 billion Indian rupees (approx.) in the financial year 2020.
  • In 2022, the Online Games segment revenue is projected to reach US$949m. This revenue is estimated to reach a market volume of US$1,466m, growing at a CAGR of 11.47% by 2026
  • As per CII National Committee, Media & Entertainment industry is estimated to reach $55-70Billion by 2030 growing at a CAGR of 9-11%, with digital video and gaming being the biggest growth drivers
  • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) media and entertainment industry report states that the Indian animationand visual effects industry can capture 20-25% global market share from the current 10%.

Hence given the scope, Vfx offers immense growth potential as well as job options to people on completion of their VFX course in Delhi. A few of the profiles that can be looked at are:

  • Animator: Animators works in 2D, 3D model-making, stop-frame, or computer-generated animation to bring to life their creative concepts. He produces frames using hand-drawn or digitally produced images, which are then sequenced together to give an illusion of movement. The content thus produced can be used in games, digital mediums, films, as well as tv shows.
  • Game Designer/Developer: Basis the target audience, a game designer visualizes an idea for the game and then develops its mechanics. He then collaborates with varied teams from various departments such as audio, animating characters and objects, programming, testing, etc., and releases it in the market. Furthermore, he needs to build various levels of the game and ensure its regular update.
  • Web Designers: Basis the client’s brief and the end-user’s preferences, the web designer plan and conceptualize technical and graphical aspects of a website in addition to its looks. He codes and constructs webpage in a programmable language that does not only run-on varied platforms but also is open to updates. Furthermore, he ensures its proper maintenance as well as an appropriate and delightful user experience.
  • Rigging or Texture Artist: In addition to crafting a digital skeleton for 3D computer-generated characters, he is also responsible for building its personality, giving it a face as well as movement, etc. such that the character is as lifelike as possible.
  • VFX Producers: Managing the whole VFX process, right from conceptualization of the idea to its final output, is the responsibility of the VFX producer. He also needs to ensure that the project doesn’t go overboard and is handled within budget.
  • Concept Artists: Concept artist applies their artistic skills in addition to their visualization to not only build characters-sketching of their images, moods, places, etc. but also create simulated worlds that do not exist-the environment, the vegetation, etc. Concept artists are in huge demand in projects that usually require visual storytelling since he utilizes his skills for not only building animations but also selling the concept.

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