Island medical schools are essential for your success. Read this to find out why

In this highly competitive landscape, getting accepted into a medical school in the United States has become exceedingly difficult even after the shortage of doctors. Often, medical applicants who dream of becoming a physician get demotivated due to the low acceptance rate and high tuition fees of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program in the US.

Suppose you’re an international student aspiring to practice medicine in the US, Canada, or back home. In that case, island medical schools are a viable path and even an excellent choice for your success.

Caribbean medical schools consider applicants that universities in the US might not. Attending a Caribbean medical school just not only offers a high-quality education but also gives every matriculant a fair chance to succeed. Read on to explore how island medical schools contribute to your success.

Reasons to consider Caribbean medical schools

  1. Medicine program curriculum on par with the best in the world

Top-tier medical schools in the Caribbean have approvals from US agencies. Attending an accredited Caribbean medical school allows you to enjoy all the privileges that matriculants have in the US medical universities. Plus, you can also apply for students loan and scholarship programs if you study in a university that meets the criteria put out by the US Department of Education.

In general, fully accredited medical schools in the Caribbean are those with accreditation from WFME recognized bodies, like the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP), the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM), and the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

  1. Good in terms of cost

Earning a medical degree can break your bank. Undoubtedly, medicine is the most expensive professional degree, with a considerable number of students passing out with debt. According to, 76 to 89 percent of medical students graduate with educational debt. Asserting medical programs in the Caribbean are cheaper will be deceiving you, but the island medical schools are good in terms of cost compared to their foreign counterparts.

  1. The lax approach in student selection

Medical schools in the Caribbean take a more forgiving approach in selecting students. Instead of focusing on the high GPA and MCAT scores, the admissions team in the Caribbean medical schools consider the holistic approach in enrolling applicants. However, applicants need to finish the required coursework for admissions in the MD program and have fluency in the English language.

  1. Highly trained faculty

Faculties in the Caribbean medical schools are highly qualified and experienced. They bring their experiences in the classroom to prepare students for the real world, helping them succeed. In addition, Caribbean medical schools have small class sizes to allow students to get more one-on-one attention from the faculty.

In general, top-tier and fully credentialed medical schools in the Caribbean are committed to students’ success. All you need to do is apply to the universities with US agencies’ accreditation. Check out top-tier Caribbean medical schools now!


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