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Laravel is quickly one of the most broadly used PHP frameworks. Its appeal stems mostly from its cost-effectiveness and speed. Laravel assists developers by facilitating several common activities required in various applications, including authorization, authentication, caching, and more.

Laravel’s functionality can be extended using third-party packages and plugins, thanks to a vibrant Laravel community. These packages can give reusable functionality to programs that can be utilized everywhere. This piece will offer you an outline of some of the most widespread Laravel packages. But first, a primer on Laravel packages.

What are Laravel Packages?

Laravel packages, often known as Laravel plugins, are components that execute particular tasks. These packages adhere to the DRY approach and assist in application optimization. You may also hire Laravel developers skilled at customizing pre-existing packages and putting together a secure and adaptable website for a low price.

Laravel packages are divided into two categories:

  • Framework – independent packages:  these packages are compatible with Laravel and other PHP frameworks.
  • Laravel- Specific packages: These packages are exclusive to the Laravel framework.

Now let’s see how you can install these Laravel packages.

How to install Laravel packages 

It’s simple to install the Laravel packages. You will need to utilize a few one-line commands. A dependency manager is required to install a package. Laravel installs and manages packages and versions through the composer package.

Steps To Install Composer Package in Laravel 

Composer in Laravel is comparable to NPM in JavaScript. The composer.json file lists all of the packages and their versions. Installing packages with Composer is simple; add a line to the composer.json file with both the plugin name and version, or use the Composer need command.

To install the package with the following syntax. 

composer requires package-name

To update the installed package

php artisan update

And if you want to use the installed package, use the following command.

$package = new package

And if the package that you have installed is namespace the, use the following syntax

$package = new Package;

You can confirm the package from a key package source 

vendor/vendor name/packageName/[src]/Package.php

Best Laravel Packages 

Some of the best laravel packages for improving your application’s performance are listed below.


Type of Package: Laravel Email Tools | License: Standard Licence: $64, Extended Licence: $199, Enterprise Licence: Contact vendor 

Acelle is a PHP-based email marketing web application that may be used indefinitely and hosted on your server. It can also be linked to some of the most popular delivery services. Acelle may also serve as a full-service solution for your company, managing service plans as a SaaS platform and integrating Rest APIs.


  • Manages subscribers list
  • Keep track of emailing data
  • Supports integration 
  • Helps in automation

Laravel Debugbar 

GitHub Stars: 14k |Type of Package: Laravel Auditing Tools | License: Free 

The PHP Debug Bar is integrated with the help of Laravel Debugbar. This package allows you to customize Laravel and publish assets. It also comes with a Service provider that allows you to enroll and bind the output. It also includes a laravel-specific DataCollector. It’s set up to display Ajax and jQuery queries. However, because Laravel Debubar might slow down an application, it’s best to utilize it exclusively for development.


  • Shows current controller
  • Helps Debug queries
  • Can process request data
  • Authenticated


GitHub Stars: 14.6k |Type of Package: Laravel eCommerce Tools 


  • Aimeos Theme Berlin: $191.90
  • VAT calculation and ID check: $191.90
  • Customer or customer group-specific items: $266.94
  • Ultra-fast search with Solr: $481.35
  • Market places and complex B2B/B2C requirements: $1446.00
  • #gigacommerce with ElasticSearch: $963.76
  • Stripe – Payments for marketplaces: $288.38
  • Mangopay – Payments for shops and marketplaces: $384.86

Aimeos is a free, open-source eCommerce platform that takes less than 5 minutes. It’s a feature-rich complicated B2B application that combines the most frequently used Laravel eCommerce platform, scalable from 1 to 1,000,000,000+ goods, with drop-shipping or affiliate networks.


  • Easy to create eCommerce websites
  • Subscriptions with recurring payments
  • Discount and voucher support
  • The flexible basket rule system
  • JSON REST API based on

Laravel Spark 

Type of Package: Laravel SaaS packages| Licence: Single site: $99/per project & $199/unlimited project

Laravel Spark is a Laravel-based recurring invoicing system. It’ll serve as a starting point for your SaaS app. It manages subscriptions, bills, and teams. It may be used with starter kits like Laravel JetStream because it is installed via Composer. You can concentrate on your application as a result. 


  • Team Billing support
  • Provides front-end freedom
  • Allows subscriptions
  • Supports PayPal
  • More customizable


GitHub Stars: 5.1k | GitHub Forks: 895 |Type of Package: Laravel Authentication Tools | Licence: Free

Laravel Socialite makes it easy to authenticate OAuth providers on top of form-based authentication. Twitter, GitLab, LinkedIn, BitBuket, Google, and GitLab are all currently supported by socialite for authentication.


  • Supports most social media
  • All boilerplates are handled 
  • Allows you to keep clean code
  • Provides authentication

Laravel Envoy 

GitHub Stars: 1.5k | GitHub Forks:170 | Type of packages: Laravel Auditing Tool | Licence: Free

Laravel Envoy offers a simple, basic vocabulary for specifying typical actions that you perform on your server side. Using Blade style syntax, you can build up to deployment jobs, Artisan scripts, etc. Envoy currently only works with Mac and Linux.


  • Ease of Setup
  • Supports Linux & Mac OS
  • Multiple server execution
  • Simple execution process

BotMan Studio

Type of Package: Laravel NotificationTools| Licence: Free

BotMan Studio is a framework, although it is also accessible as a Laravel PHP framework package. BotMan Studio is a packed version that improves the chatbot creation experience by offering testing tools, out-of-the-box web driver implementation, and extra features such as simpler driver configuring support.


  • Single point definition
  • Natural language processing built-in
  • Multiple features are available.
  • Different templates are possible.
  • Supports a wide range of drivers.


These laravel packages only scrape the surface; many more are on the market. Check out Packalyst, which has over 15K packages accessible. These tools help developers create mature, dependable solutions for their customers.

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