The Best Movie Score Sheet Music for Intermediate Pianists

Intermediate pianists can have a lot of fun with movie score piano sheet music. Normally the basic, beginner versions are too simplified and don’t have the same sound or feeling to them. Intermediate pianists can start learning movie score music that is more complete and use it to progress onto more advanced music.

These five movie scores are an excellent place for intermediate players to start.

’The Pink Panther’ Theme

Because of its jazzy tempo and rhythms, “The Pink Panther” is likely an advanced intermediate piece, but you’ll be in the clouds once you’ve got it down. It’s got a swing style and is written in E Minor. Most arrangements are around four pages long and include three and four-note chords but a simple, single-note bass hand.

‘This Is Halloween’

This Halloween classic from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” can be found arranged for intermediate players using dyads in both the treble and bass clef. Many of the notes and rhythms are repetitive and predictable, making this an accessible song for many. It’s usually found written in D Minor and gives such a sense of mastery once you learn it.

‘Star Wars’ Main Theme

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? Brilliant composer John Williams has written some of the best film scores out there, and this series is no exception. An arrangement appropriate for beginners would include two-note chords on the top hand and one or two notes on the bottom hand. 

The bass line moves around quite a bit, so make sure the Star Wars sheet music you choose is appropriate for an intermediate level. Look for a maximum of four notes played at once. Intermediate pianists likely won’t be able to play three-note chords with such a complex bottom line.

‘Jessica’s Theme’

“The Man From Snowy River” has such spectacular music, and “Jessica’s Theme” is one that you can’t miss learning if you’re on an intermediate level. It’s flowy, soft, and just gorgeous overall. It does have some three-note chords and in some spots, the bottom hand has a few runs. 

However, it’s not beyond an intermediate skill level when practiced correctly. It’s written in D Major, which isn’t difficult, and it tends to sound more advanced than it actually is.

‘Top Gun: Maverick” Main Theme

This piece, when arranged for intermediate players, has some three and four-note chords, but the bottom hand is extremely repetitive and predictable. This allows you to focus on the longer chords and a key change. It’s a fun version of the original that captures the essence and tension of the film, minus the percussion.

Finding Intermediate Sheet Music To Play

When looking for intermediate music, try to find music with two or more sharps or flats in the key signature, and two to four note chords. The notes shouldn’t be as densely packed as an advanced song, meaning that if the bottom hand is very busy and full of notes, the top hand should be slightly more simple, and vice versa. By following these tips, you should be able to find versions of your favorite movie scores that are at your level.

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