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PDFBear Repair PDF Kit: An Online Tool with Great Features

Whether browsing for your job documents or just researching online, you will always encounter a PDF File. PDF files are trusted because you cannot change their contents readily; however, sometimes the file is unreadable or damaged.

So PDFBear can help you repair your files with just a click. The platform has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand even if it’s your first time using a web-based tool. Its instructions are easy to understand, making it easy to follow. You don’t need to be fluent in English. They use words that are simple to follow.

PPDFBear repair PDF tool is a web-based tool that gets your uploaded PDF and repairs its content no matter how damaged it is. However, it cannot fix any other format as it is designed to improve PDF documents alone.

It is also cloud-based. You only need a device and the PDFdrive you want to fix, which means it is accessible in your place with only an internet connection required.

Simple and Easy Steps for PDF Repair

First, select the file you want to rotate on the blue button on your screen. You can upload it from your device. Another option is simply opening your documents and dragging the PDF file you want to turn into the toolbox.

Simply tick the box and a pop-out window will open to select your documents and hit Repair. Once uploaded, PDFBear will open a window that prepares the file. You will notice it upload into the server and does the repair.

You will monitor the repair through the percentage bar showing on your screen. When it is finished, you will be asked to download the repaired file on your computer or send it via email or copy the sharing link provided to you by PDFBear.

Your currently repaired PDF can be downloadable for a limited time unless you choose to save them from doing your account. You are free to create an account. For more information, just read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Get It Done With These Protection Tools

PDFBear also has an online PDF reader. So, if you want to view your repaired PDF, you can view it on the same platform. However, if you do not have a PDF reader existing on your device, just open this tool and read your file, downloading no additional software.

PDFBear edits and protects your PDF files. Those with the decryption key would only be the ones allowed to view or edit your protected PDF. Your PDF won’t be opened easily not unless the person has the key.

You can also cover or hide confidential information to prevent others from viewing data that should not be available to just anyone. Some websites offer this service at a price, but PDFBear provides it for free!

Editing issues can cause disarranged contents in the PDF file, too. People who edit have lots on their plate as well. Hence, instead of taking it back to them, it’s better to go with the PDFBear rotation feature and let it handle the job for both of you.

While they cannot repair other formats but PDF Files alone, they can convert pdf files into different formats instead. They can convert word, excel, and PPT files. Besides that, they can also convert pictures that are in JPG format and even HTML.

They also offer a compressed PDF feature, which transforms your pdf into a smaller file size. However, despite the changes in size, the quality and contents remain unaffected, making the integrity and completeness of information the same.


PDFBear makes editing easier. This tool works on Mac, Windows, and Linux with no issues in getting the damaged PDF file uploaded for repair. In addition, you are not discriminated against by location. PDFBear’s cloud technology has made it possible for your PDF files to be fixed in less than a minute, whether at home, at school, or at work. Any device will work. Also, you can use what is only available for you, whether laptop, desktop, or even with your smartphone.

PDFBear keeps your information protected, making all uploaded files be automatically deleted from the servers after an hour. PDF Repair kit provides you with the best-repaired PDF files. Our web-based system works to recover and rebuild. However, everything has its limits. PDFBear cannot promise a hundred percent result all the time.

For a much better experience, you can avail of a PRO membership that will gift you with more substantial compression, unlimited task conversions, unlimited storage, and the likes. You can also avail a 14 days Pro experience to try. Do not just look for something that works for you, but what makes you feel secure. PDFBear provides not to give you even better, but the best. Try it out for yourself today!


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