3 Perks of Living in Canada

Canada continues to be a dream destination for many tourists. Canadians are naturally diverse and inviting to other cultures and the country affords residents easy access to the world’s best banks, cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions, and robust health care systems. These resources can help scale your finances and while you enjoy your time in Canada. If you’re yet to make your plans, here are three perks of living in Canada that you may want to take note of.

1. Digital Life

Canada has one of the best online environments globally and the best internet speed to play the part. This has given rise to an explosion of many digital opportunities, from digital cafes to online banking institutions. Many Canadians prefer the digital banking experience rather than brick-and-mortar banks. Some notable banks include Tangerine and Simplii Financial.

Many traditional bank brands have also caught up with the digital rush and users can facilitate unlimited transactions via their bank’s mobile app from the comfort of their homes rather than locating a bank branch. Finding the most suitable banking option can be as easy as typing “best online banks Canada” into any search bar. The search can help you generate a tall list of virtual banks to review for the best option and lets you can consider factors like banking fees, quick access to personal loans, customer service efforts, and general reviews from patrons. You can also look out for a digital bank’s laid down security measures before patronizing its services. Some apps may be vulnerable to malicious attacks leaving your finances exposed to several vulnerabilities.

Canada’s digital landscape also champions new artificial intelligence trends for investment and life insurance products. Today, many people increasingly opt for robo-advisors rather than dealing with traditional broker-dealers. Enrolling the best robo-advisors in Canada’s fintech market can present several benefits. You can tap into a huge trove of insights provided by robo-advisory platforms. Such insights can expose you to better rates and flexible ways of avoiding expensive overhead costs.

2. Financial Freedom

Canada has a robust financial market and banking industry. Unlike the United States, about 85 percent of top Canadian stocks are held in trust of the country’s biggest five banks, including Scotiabank and the Royal Bank of Canada. This level of control may limit portfolio quantity selection. But it also gives the financial institution space a significant level of stability. It’s not surprising to know that Canada hasn’t experienced banking failures on its stock market since 1980.

Canada can be the best place to enjoy financial freedom and investors of all backgrounds can access endless investment services and options that can guarantee an optimum investment return. For instance, investors who don’t have the time to research individual dividend stocks can opt for exchange-traded funds or ETFs. Getting the best dividend ETF in Canada may come with expense ratio implications but these ratios are often insignificant compared to other investment management services and other financial products. Diversification and convenience are among several other perks which investors can enjoy.

3. Local Attractions


Canada is home to many beautiful cities and sceneries worldwide. These attractions continue to make the country a top choice for travelers. Take Canada’s shoreline, for instance. Many people enjoy the country’s pristine beaches. However, only a few know that its coastline stretches over a hundred thousand miles making it the world’s largest. You can also consider Canada’s many nature parks and wildlife varieties. And the range of fun activities to indulge in during all seasons may spoil you for choice.

All in all, living in Canada comes with many perks that include the country’s digital landscape. Therefore, visiting Canada for the first time can afford you enough memories to think about repetitive visits. Try marking each visit with a keepsake, so you don’t lose count. Regular visits will make the final move swifter.

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