How to Protect Your Phone’s Fragile Screen from Cracking

All modern smartphones feature a bigger display and that’s what users love. No wonder smartphone manufacturers are shifting towards the bezel-less display. Although smartphones’ durability has improved over the years, they are still prone to getting scratches and worst of all, a cracked screen.

I really admire the bezel-less display. It’s fun to watch shows on my Samsung device by signing into my Spectrum TV app. Sometimes, I let my little sister use my phone to play Tetris, a bit clumsy. This is my go-to way of crack-proofing my phone:

1: Keep It in a Case

No brainer, your phone needs to be in a case. And it shouldn’t just be any case, it must be the one that provides a cushion, is durable and comfortable to use on a daily basis.

The key feature to look for in a case in terms of protection is screen clearance. In other words, the case must create distance between the screen and the surface your phone lands on. A case with good screen clearance ensures that the screen never touches the ground if your phone falls face-down. Such cases form a rim on the case surrounding the screen.

Screen clearance cases absorb the impact if a phone drops. They also feature a rubbery material inside to redirect the shock to the exterior of the device. So if you are clumsy or your toddler often uses your phone, this is the type of case for you.

2: Get a Glass Screen Protector

A nice case is not enough to secure your phone. It’s mandatory to add a glass screen protector as well. These are slim and durable slabs of tempered glass. They are supposed to stick to the screen of the phone. There is minimal adhesion, so you don’t have to worry about a sticky residue. They are also easy to replace.

The protector absorbs the force of the impact when it drops instead of redirected it elsewhere. It’s easy to find protectors for all types of phones. Remember that a protector is meant for one-time use only. They are prone to break so your screen doesn’t.

3: Use a Pop Socket

Pop sockets are very handy. They allow you to hold the phone firmly. A pop socket doesn’t protect the screen, but it reduces the risk of dropping the phone, especially when taking a selfie.

If you don’t know what they are, these are plastic contraptions that are attached to the back of a phone. The socket has a circular base and a flexible stem. It makes it easier to hold the phone by using either one or two fingers for gripping the socket.

Try it, and you will instantly feel a better grip and hold on your phone. I saw celebrities using them and got one for myself too. They come in lots of colors and designs.

4: Buy a Car Phone Holder

Raise your hands if you have dropped your phone in the car while driving? If the fall is hard, this could crack the phone’s screen. Since we all have to attend a call, reply to a text, or use the map, it’s hard to avoid using the phone.

To keep your phone from dropping, it’s best to buy a car phone holder. You will be able to use the phone without the risk of dropping it.

I Broke My Phone’s Screen. Now What?

Unfortunately, even the most durable covers and cases are not a foolproof solution to protect your phone from cracking. When that happens, take your phone to the manufacturer’s retail outlet. If the device is under warranty, they might be able to help.

Another solution is to get the screen replaced by a company that handles phones with cracked screens. I just Googled one using my Spectrum internet and found a bunch of them in my nearby location.

Smartphones aren’t a cheap purchase, it can cost thousands of dollars to buy one. Keep them safe by following basic measures of protection.

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