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3 Rustic Interior Design Tips for Farmhouse-Style Homes

Are you in love with rustic, farmhouse-style décor? If so, you definitely aren’t alone. This interior design style has been popular for a few years now, and it’s only growing.

After all, what’s not to love about a style that embraces weathered finishes, natural materials, a vintage aesthetic, and warm neutral colors?

However, if you are trying to achieve this style in your own home, you may wonder where to begin. Keep reading for some tips on how to achieve a rustic interior design in your own home.

1. The Colors

If you want to create a “modern” farmhouse style while keeping things rustic and authentic, color matters. In this case, using contrasting colors with neutral backgrounds is a good idea.

Black is a great option. Also, it doesn’t make the space feel dark or small. It is just the opposite.

Black is the perfect way to offset crisp white. It also creates an ideal backdrop for your furnishings and rugs. Besides blacks, you can go with charcoal greys, emerald greens, and inky blues. Each of these is going to add personality and modernity to your farmhouse décor.

The goal is to find colors that work with the natural setting. Experimenting with various natural, earthy colors will help you create a farmhouse scheme that you love, and that works.

2. Choose the Right Materials

While modern décor sticks with things like polished stones, sleek surfaces, and stainless steel, this isn’t the case for farmhouse décor. Instead, you need to focus on more natural finishes.

If you combine more contemporary materials with weathered, rustic finishes, it will add more warmth and character to the space. Some options include exposed brickwork, tiles with patina, leathers, raw and untreated wood, and more. It is good to learn more about these to see how to combine them in your décor and design.

3. Architectural Elements

Farmhouse style isn’t just about colors and materials. You also have to consider the various architectural notes that modern farmhouse décor offers.

This includes things like lofted spaces, wraparound porches, and timber cladding. Another important element is metal light fixtures.

If you are trying to create a design or style from the ground up, choose larger windows and open floorplans. This will allow more light in the airy, open space.

It is best to keep the millwork details as simple as possible. For an authentic modern farmhouse, skip the crown molding and choose more casual details. Examples include shiplap or board and batten paneling.

Achieving a Quality Style and Rustic Interior Design

If you want to achieve a quality style and rustic interior design, use the tips and information here. The farmhouse style is growing in popularity and is something that everyone can enjoy.

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