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Significance of Good User Experience – How Live Chat Feature Helps

The number of smartphone users is on the rise which has greatly affected consumer behaviour. They use their mobile device for various purposes, including research, shopping, browsing and more. Similar to when visiting a website, the users develop an impression of an app within a few seconds of using it. They do not tend to have any patience and do not tolerate a bad design or one that is not interactive.

Their opinion of the website is formed within a fraction of a second and largely depends on the overall design, how appealing it is, and the type of features it possesses. Almost every business has an app; if not they can hire an app development company like Vrinsoft to build it, hence it’s only if the design is aesthetic will the user contrune to use it. But the challenge does not end there. They also expect a great deal from the app in terms of features. In fact, customer services are always rated very high making the live chat feature invaluable. This article provides more information on this.

Importance of a Good User-Interface

Maintaining a digital presence in the form of an app is beneficial. But it is equally important to develop an attractive interface. The users are always expecting a good experience besides an app with all the bells and whistles. A good UI/UX can help cut the overall development costs of the projects. A well-designed app that is easy to navigate will help guide the users through the option and what they require. This can help increase sales and ensure users spend more time on your app. It is also a good way to ensure users return to your app. Users also prefer good customer service and apps that allow quick and easy access to it. Here are a few statistics that suggest the same:

  • 41% of customers believe that an app with a live chat support feature will enhance the product’s sales. The main reason is that new customers always tend to have queries about the products they are investing in. If they get sufficient assurance and answers to all their questions, they are more likely to make the purchase.
  • Live chat support also tends to have AI support which is highly beneficial for the users. In more cases than not, they can solve their queriesusing the smart, automated system rather than having to chat with a live representative.
  • Delay in responding to customer service requests over social media or email, more often than not means you lose your customer.
  • The average customer service response time for live chat is 2 minutes while that for email is 17 hours and social media 10 hours.
  • Implementing web chat is also a more economical option.
  • Customer satisfaction rating of live chat is 73% according to a research paper; email is 61% while phone is only 44%.
  • A good user interface can improve website conversion rates by upto 200%.
  • Up to 40% of users will stop using an app with slow UI/UX performance.
  • Only 55% of the companies conduct UI testing.

Essential Features for Better User Experience

Designing an app that includes the right set of features and ensures a good user experience goes a long way toward reducing development costs. It also helps reduce customer loyalty, increase conversion rate, attract new users, and ensure a better rate of investment (ROI). Some of the top features include:

  • Highly detailed product description section.
  • Plenty of pictures of high quality from various perspectives.
  • Add video descriptions of products or services for a higher level of detail.
  • Includes a testimonials section for the users to gain confidence to buy the product.
  • Live chat features to improve the level of customer service.

Benefits of the Live Chat Feature in Apps

Live chat feature is something that all users are now beginning to take for granted. This is true for all types of mobile applications like those selling products, digital products, offering a service, as well as informational ones. It goes a long way towards improving the user experience. Here are a few benefits of including it in your app:

  • The live chat feature has a high potential to increase sales.
  • Irrespective of the type of mobile application and nature of business, users do require support for some or the other reason. Introducing this type of featurecan help reduce the costs of support considerably, especially since it also tends to include an automated chat feature.
  • Having a “live chat” feature allowing quick access to support and answers to their questions will help build consumer confidence. 
  • This is the ideal way to increase consumer satisfaction, increase average order value, and gain a competitive advantage.
  • It is a big time saver for the users with instant access to help and no need to search for contact details.
  • One of the biggest issues consumers tend to have is the length of the time it takes to resolve disputes or problems. This can be done faster with the help of the live chat feature.
  • Helps make your business more approachable and allows the business to offer a personalised service.
  • Typical customer service is where one expects to be placed on hold for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. Besides providing the customers with an instant service, this also helps lessen the burden on the customer support service on the phone.

Benefits of Consulting the Professionals

Mobile app development requires knowledge of a programming language as well as various technologies. Businesses have the option of either hiring a professional development firm, setting up a team in-house or taking up the tasks themselves if they are tech-savvy. It is not advisable to attempt it by developing it oneself or setting up an in-house team since this can work out more expensive. 

Besides this, almost every firm has a mobile app for their business. Hence it is also critical you design a state-of-the-art app, one which gives you an edge over the competitors. This is possible if you hire a professional development team.

The professionals can ensure the users have a good experience. Incorporating a live chat feature can make this happen. This is the ideal feature for any mobile application. Besides the fact that it is a simple method of offering 24/7 support, it also helps in giving you a competitive advantage.


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