The 3 Best Aspects Of Your Small Business To Outsource

Growing a business is not easy. Getting it set up is difficult enough but then trying to grow it and become successful can seem like a big mountain to climb. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to having too much to do to make it happen and not enough resources.

This means that there are certain parts of the business that should be sent out to a third party to take care of for you. Although it seems like a big expense, it is often less expensive than having a dedicated team on your staff. The trick is understanding which parts of your process should be outsourced. In this article, we will go over several of the ones that make the most sense.

1 – Software

Even if your company doesn’t sell any software or anything that uses software to operate, it is still likely that you will be dealing with some software at some point. Many businesses use apps these days or there is a part of the company that depends on some type of software that the company needs.

Instead of hiring some developers and creating a department, it makes more sense to outsource the work to a software house that will be able to do the work according to your specifications.

Since they have staff that specializes in whatever the software is that you need, there is no ramping up to get up to speed. They are ready to go and will deliver the product much faster than if you were to try to do things in-house.

Just make sure that you have some service level agreements (SLAs) in place so that the developers know exactly what their task is and you understand exactly what you are getting.

2 – Customer service

There is a lot of competition and it can be a matter of how well you treat your customers as to who gets the business. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of your process. When it’s done correctly, it is usually the difference between having a one-time customer and a loyal fan that comes back time after time.

Outsourcing ensures that you have the pieces in place to take good care of the customers. They have staff whose only task is to communicate with the customers and resolve problems.

3 – Accounting

A department with a team that does the bookkeeping and accounting is very expensive. To get the best team you will have to pay some high salaries and good benefits to keep them. This can get expensive but is seen as a necessary expense since it is important to be compliant.

However, having this outsourced will free up your staff to handle growing the business instead of doing the books. It’s also a good idea if you do have a department to at least outsource during tax season to make sure that your team doesn’t get overworked and the work is done more accurately.


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