The Evolution of Personal Security Devices Represented by PAJ-GPS Trackers

The world is increasingly mobile, and so are the people in it. More mobile means greater security risks. Tracking individuals is increasingly required as an important part of the evolution of personal security devices that have been underway for the past decade. Individual tracking today relies on mobile networks, in this case, 4G networks as the most widely used mobile network. 

Why is individual tracking important?

Because it is important for improving personal security, personal security means ensuring or knowing one’s real-time condition. In this context, devices that can track and monitor in real-time become more important. Well-executed individual tracking by 4G GPS trackers is the backbone for personal safety. Imagine if a father is able to keep an eye on his children anytime and anywhere through his smartphone screen, he would be able to provide more security for them. Suppose one of them is taken by someone on a route that is not their daily route (from home to school and vice versa), the father would know about it and be able to take immediate action.

GPS-based tracking of individuals is certainly not everything but it can significantly increase individual safety. That’s why 4G GPS tracking devices are increasingly being used to improve the safety of school children and seniors.

How do we determine if a GPS tracker is reliable?

Determining whether a GPS tracker is reliable should consider several aspects, which can be described as follows:

– Is the tracker capable of tracking in real-time? 

– Does it have a wide tracking range?

– Is the mobile network connection it uses stable?

– Does it have a geofencing feature?

– Does it have an emergency alarm feature?

– Is the battery long-lasting?

The price is a consideration but is not included in the crucial aspects above.

There are many types of GPS trackers sold freely in the market but not all of them accommodate the above points. Determining the best one may be very subjective but asking for opinions from those who have used GPS trackers can be very helpful. We have tried many different types of 4G GPS trackers and we have found that PAJ-GPS trackers are among the best. We have a few reasons which we will outline below:

– Each PAJ-GPS tracker has a tracking range of over 100 countries, meaning they can be applied in almost any country.

– PAJ-GPS trackers use the most widely used 4G cellular network in the world, so they are very stable.

– PAJ-GPS trackers provide Geofencing, which is a special feature to create a specific secure area and notify the watcher when the object (being watched) leaves or enters that area.

– PAJ GPS trackers provide an SOS feature which is useful in emergency situations as it automatically contacts the emergency response team/police while notifying the tracker’s real-time position.

– These trackers are sold very cheaply, for example, the ALLROUND Finder 4G sells for only $29.99.

– They have a higher battery life than similar devices.

Individual tracking is part of a personal safety system and in this context, PAJ-GPS trackers stand out on the surface thanks to the quality and features they offer.

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