The Importance Of Therapy For Back Pain

Nobody can understand how debilitating and irksome back pain is (especially if it’s chronic) except the person experiencing it. It can affect almost everything in your life, from sleep quality to work quality and everything in between, especially if left untreated. If you’re one such sufferer of back pain who feels like it’s taking a toll on your life and disturbing everything in it, know that you’re not alone! As a matter of fact, back pain is one of the most common issues reported by people on PEMF daily basis, with 80% of adults experiencing it at some point in their lives.

The good news is: back pain is absolutely treatable! With so many non-invasive therapies being introduced and applied in the medical world today, there is no kind of pain that can’t be treated, and back pain is no exception.

With that said, let’s talk about how a non-invasive, risk-free therapy (the very popular and amazing PEMF therapy) can turn the difficult lives of back pain sufferers into a living heaven! brings you a comprehensive guide on the importance of PEMF therapy for back pain.

What Is Back Pain: Its Causes And Complications

As we’ve already discussed, back pain is one of the most commonly occurring pains in adults. It can have a number of causes, including:

  •   Trauma (from work/sports/accident injury) induced back pain
  •   Age related conditions (such as degeneration of intervertebral disc) induced back pain
  •   Disorder (such as arthritis/ osteoporosis/osteoarthritis or sciatica) induced back pain
  •   Stress induced back pain
  •   Etc.

The above mentioned causes of back pain may vary in the severity of the pain they produce, but all of them should be treated on time in order to avoid further complications and consequent difficulty in treating the pain.

Treatments Of Back Pain: Traditional Treatments VS PEMF Therapy Treatment

Fortunately, back pain isn’t always an extreme issue; it can be treated through a number of methods without the need of doing surgical interventions (in most cases).

However, like we’ve mentioned above, it’s important to identify the pain as soon as possible and start appropriate treatment for it.

There are a number of ways through which back pain is treated. Most of them are traditional methods which may include one or a combination of the following:

  •   Adequate bed rest and self care (in case of mild pain that has resulted from a sudden small injury and that goes away within 72 hours of the injury) to boost injury recovery.
  •   Warm or cold compresses (again, in case of injury-related mild pain that seems to be getting better within 72 hours of the injury) to boost injury recovery.
  •   Analgesic medicines (drugs)
  •   Physiotherapy

All of the above mentioned traditional (common) treatments for back pain have been used by people for years, and they’re still in use. However, today, more and more people are getting aware of more advanced (and superbly effective) treatment options for back pain. Yes, we’re talking exactly about the amazing and magical PEMF therapy for back pain, which has shown great results in treating back pain so far. It’s safe, non-invasive, and has super long lasting results. You’ll be astonished at how smoothly and easily this therapy works to eradicate pain from our body. So let’s talk more about it!

PEMF Therapy For Back Pain

PEMF therapy is a process whereby electromagnetic fields interact with and penetrate into our cells to bring about cellular healing (we’ve already talked a lot about it in detail in our previous articles).

In case of back pain, as in every other pain, the cells in your back (including your bone cells, muscle cells and nerve cells) are inflamed and consequently energy deprived. This collective inflammation and energy deprivation of the cells in your back cause pain, discomfort and spasms in your back. PEMF therapy tackles exactly these problems by getting into the core of them. It’ll strengthen your back bone, improve elasticity of your back muscles while simultaneously reducing inflammation from the bones, muscles and veins. This will gradually make your back pain better and improve functionality.

For treating back pain via PEMF, all you need to do is buy a PEMF device  (a PEMF mat since you can comfortably lie down on it, upside down,  with your back facing the mat for maximum benefits) and start using it. You can take your doctor’s advice for each PEMF session length, and for the appropriate frequency level selection according to your pain intensity.

Final World

PEMF therapy is undoubtedly exceptionally effective and efficient in the treatment of back pain if used in the right manner with proper guidance.


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