New TikTok weight loss trend is going viral – but does it REALLY work?

It’s common for a popular subject to be surrounded by many myths and misconceptions. Weight loss has been a trending topic around the world for a while now. Everybody is looking for easy ways to lose weight. Sadly, the majority of the people aren’t concerned about the reliability of the methods they settle on. The media has been using people’s urgent desire for weight loss for their own benefit. Whether it is a YouTube channel or an Instagram influencer, weight loss is an excellent strategy for them to gain popularity. As people are so desperate, they are willing to try anything that promises weight loss. It would be safe to consider this the reason for the rise of a new TikTok trend. 

What Is the New Viral TikTok Trend?

Recently, a combination of coffee and lemon went viral on TikTok. A few TikTok users claimed that squeezing lemon juice into their coffee has helped them lose weight. Due to their videos, many others started joining the trend. The lemon coffee trend has reached over 7 million views under the hashtag #LemonCoffee. The two ingredients are very accessible, as they are found in every household. It makes mixing lemon and coffee easy. However, the trending videos nor the common ingredients make the lemon coffee worth it.

Do Experts Support the Lemon Coffee Trend?

Several dietitians have discouraged the use of the lemon coffee combo. Other than the few claims by TikTok users, there is no soundproof lemon coffee aiding in weight loss. An article published by Health Canal clearly debunks the lemon coffee challenge and urges people to lose weight healthily. Due to a lack of scientific evidence, experts don’t support the trend. Since it has many side effects, dietitians have advised people to abstain from any questionable trends, especially lemon-coffee challenge.

What Makes the Lemon Coffee Trend Unreliable?

Apart from no particular evidence, lemon coffee has many other suspects. Despite the disagreement of experts, people are approaching the strange drink with a false hope that it might work for them. However, lemon and coffee are two ingredients with their own separate benefits. Combining lemon and coffee will not provide any additional benefits. They will remain the same, but there are risks of the side effects increasing. On the other hand, if lemon coffee has worked for a bunch of individuals, that isn’t a guarantee that it will work for you, as well. We all have different bodies with unique systems. It is impossible for you to lose weight at the same rate as someone else, and no magical drink can change that.

How Coffee Benefits Your Body

Coffee is a famous and widely used drink worldwide. More than 70% of Americans consume coffee regularly and several times a day. Besides waking you up in the morning, coffee offers numerous other benefits. It is rich in caffeine, with about 95 mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee. Caffeine is known for boosting your metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn at rest. An increased metabolism can make weight loss easier, as it aids the fat-burning process. Alongside obesity, other physical ailments, including diabetes, heart diseases, and kidney diseases can be prevented by consuming coffee. It is also advantageous for your brain health, as coffee can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and depression.

How Lemon Benefits Your Body

When trying to lose weight, it is important to avoid sugary drinks and stick to water. Water is flavorless, but adding lemon juice to it can make it fruity. Lemon can help to prevent dehydration, and we all know the hundreds of benefits of water. Lemon can aid in digestion, as well, as the dietary fiber content reduces constipation. It can lower the risks of developing kidney stones, heart diseases, stroke, and anemia. Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which is great for keeping your skin young and damage-free. It is beneficial for your immunity, which helps to protect your body from several infections.

The Downsides of Lemon Coffee

The individual benefits of lemon and coffee don’t imply that lemon coffee is trustworthy. In fact, it has many side effects on your health. The unappetizing taste isn’t the only downside to the lemon coffee challenge. Coffee is slightly acidic, so mixing it with an acidic fruit like lemon is a bad idea. Especially for people with sensitive tummies, lemon coffee can aggravate your acidity. Coffee can lead to insomnia, as well as disrupt your sleep schedule. While coffee is a healthy beverage, excess consumption of coffee can cause an addiction. Coffee addiction is considered a clinical disorder. Lemon, on the other hand, isn’t easy on your teeth due to its acidic nature. It can erode dental enamel, which may become the reason for your next visit to the dentist.

Does Lemon Coffee Really Work?

No, lemon coffee doesn’t help with weight loss. The weird taste can end your appetite or replacing it with breakfast may be the reason for weight loss, not the drink. A trustworthy article, Coffee And Lemon Drink For Weight Loss: New Tiktok Trend has informed people about the unreliability of the lemon coffee challenge.

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