Top 3 Certifications Every Healthcare Professional Should Have

Healthcare is a broad field, and emergencies are prevalent in the medical area. Getting the appropriate certifications ensures that healthcare professionals get prepared for emergencies. Additionally, certifications can boost the confidence of medical professionals and first responders as it is proof that they can perform emergency tasks well.

Healthcare professionals can undertake training and get certifications to boost resumes or improve their skills and performance at work.

Top 3 Certifications for Healthcare Professionals

CPR skills save lives. They enable healthcare professionals to keep patients alive until they reach the hospital for advanced medical attention. The top three certifications essential for healthcare providers are CPR, First Aid, and Blood Borne Pathogens certifications.

First aid is essential for any healthcare professional, primarily if you work in the field. Blood Borne Pathogens certification ensures that healthcare professionals know how to avoid getting exposed to infectious material when dealing with blood and other bodily fluids.

Here is how each certification is helpful to healthcare professionals in daily activities.

CPR Certification

Hundreds of Americans experience cardiac arrest every day, and having CPR skills can help you save someone’s life. Medical professionals must have a valid CPR certification to prove their awareness of the latest developments in administering CPR.

A CPR certification can boost your resume and help save someone’s life during an emergency. As a professional, it can also help you avoid getting sued for negligence because you will have the proper training to do CPR the right way.

First Aid Certification

First Aid certification is handy for medical professionals who work in the field or the emergency room. First aid covers a wide area, and training teaches healthcare workers how to provide emergency care to patients before they can receive medical assistance. First aid aims to reduce the discomfort and pain a patient is feeling.

Sometimes first aid is all a patient needs because their injuries are minor. However, knowing the appropriate tools and medication in first aid might be challenging without training. First aid certifications show that a healthcare professional can help victims immediately after an accident and administer the right aid as they wait for advanced medical attention.

Blood Borne Pathogens Certification

Healthcare workers come across blood during their daily activities. There is always the risk of exposure to blood and other bodily fluids pathogens. Healthcare workers need to learn how to protect themselves when dealing with blood and bodily fluids adequately.

Although the blood-borne pathogens certification is compulsory in some medical fields, healthcare workers should strive to be certified for their benefit. Learning ways not to contract diseases when working ensures you stay healthy and don’t spread diseases to other patients through bodily fluids.

How Can You Get All Three Certifications?

All three certifications courses are available online by registering at a reputable institution. You can choose when to study and when you are ready to undertake the tests before certification. Online courses are also ideal for certification renewal as you can choose to take classes covering what you don’t know and skip what you know.

Did you know that you can get a bundle training course for the three certifications at an affordable price? Instead of searching for which institute offers the best price for each certificate, you can check out the bundle offer on MyCPR NOW to see what they offer.

Add these Certifications to Your Portfolio Today

There are many benefits of training in all three certifications in the same institute. Additionally, you can save on the fees for each course and materials. Understandably, you may want things simplified due to a hectic work schedule as a healthcare professional.

It would be best if you could access all your training resources under one portal and take all your tests under one institution. All certificates can be mailed to you when the test results are ready. Overall, a bundle offer for all three certification training courses is convenient.

Get Your Professional Healthcare Certifications Today

Healthcare professionals who have CPR, first aid, and blood-borne pathogens certification have life-saving skills that would come in handy in the field. If you are thinking of taking any or all of the credentials, you are making the right choice. Remember, you can take all three certification courses online at your convenience. Get certified and boost your healthcare career and skills today.

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