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Top 5 Best Safe Universal Safer Cleaner for Your Home

Whether it’s about tackling the grease in your kitchen or killing the germs in your living room – a disinfectant can’t help you with everything. So, what do you do, then? Do you have to buy something specific for each of the tasks you have to manage?

No, not really.

If you want to take care of everything at once, using a universal cleaner will be ideal for you and your journey to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. To lower your headache, we’ll talk about five options that you can choose from in this article. But, before that, let’s talk about something a little more fundamental.

How To Choose The Right Universal Cleaner?

When it comes to finding the best universal cleaner, you must focus on a few aspects closely. The following are a few of them.

Consideration – 1: The Ingredient List.

An all-purpose cleaner product must have each and every ingredient that can help it to take care of any kind of cleaning-related issue. But, if you find a corrosive chemical sitting into it, try to take as many necessary precautions as possible while using them.

Consideration – 2: Ease Of Use.

Cleaning a house to its entirety is already quite a troublesome and tedious task. Thus, to make it all easier, you’ll want to go for something that doesn’t require too many steps to get started. For example, you can choose a spray instead of a powdered item, creating less of a hazardous environment.

Consideration – 3: Application Process.

An all-purpose cleaner should have more than one operational style. This way, you can utilize them both on the roof as well as on the floor. In our opinion, choosing a spray-based cleaner will be ideal in this aspect. Just make sure to wear a goggle while using it.

The Best Universal Cleaners For Your House

Some information regarding five universal cleaners we’ve used in our house:

1. The Pink Stuff – An Ideal Stain Cleaner!

Made with natural vegetable oil, this scrub comes with a brilliant amalgamation of quartz and baking soda. Thus, it has enough grit to remove caked-on grime easily. Also, if you want, you can use this product to remove rust from a surface efficiently.

2. Safely Universal Cleaner – A Perfect Multi-Purpose Product!

Like the previous one, Safely Universal Cleaner is plant-powered as well. However, thanks to the combination of coconut and salt, it can clean nearly everything efficiently. Also, it doesn’t have even a bit of ammonia in it. So, it won’t affect your skin at all.

3. Method Cleaning Wipes – Handy As Heck!

If you want to opt for something a little handier than usual, you can try the Method Cleaning Wipes for a change. They’re easy-to-use and come with a sweet, natural fragrance. Also, the wipes are compostable in a municipal facility. So, that’s another benefit for you.

4. Puracy Multi-Purpose Cleaner – A No-Nonsense Product!

The Puracy Multi-purpose cleaner is ideal for a house engulfed in grease. It contains organic lemongrass that can help you get rid of the oiliness in your house perfectly. The product also comes in a biodegradable bottle, which environmentally makes sense as well.

5. Earth Brite Clay Cleaner – The Name Says It All!

As the name implies, the Earth Brite Clay Cleaner is perfect for cleaning dirt from each and every angle. It works on almost every surface and doesn’t affect your skin due to being made with non-toxic ingredients. Also, you’ll get a scrubbing brush for free. So, rejoice!

Bonus: Natural Care Carpet Powder – A Pet-Friendly Helping Hand!

With the ongoing warm weather, the risk of your four-legged friend bringing ticks in your home has increased massively. But, there’s no need to worry, though. Just spread this powder on your carpet, and you can easily kill these pests without fluffing your hair even once. The best part is these kinds of products are easily affordable.

Wrapping It Up!

So, we will be wrapping up this blog here. Hopefully, we could provide as much data as you wanted. However, if you still feel like we have missed out on something, don’t forget to let us know all about it. We’ll check your query and add the same in our article the next time we update it. Thanks for being with us and reading till now. See you in the next blog!


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