Top Tips And Tools For High-Quality Online Image Enlargement

Free JPEG-Friendly Tools for Online Image Enlargement

The process of image enlargement is not only about increasing the size of your picture, but also about enhancing its resolution. While resizing scalable vector images happens without quality loss, attempts to stretch JPEG files might simply intensify their pixelation. Working with an intelligent, AI-based upscaler like the one from at will ensure high-quality image output. There is no need to learn professional image-manipulation tricks or download pricey software; just let the smart algorithms do the job.

Most free online upscalers work solely with JPG and JPEG formats because it helps algorithms easily achieve results without losing image quality. Read on to find out the top JPEG-friendly upscalers, and how they can benefit your time and design. 

Why JPEG is the best format for enlarging images online

Behind any JPEG image, there is a lossy image compression technique, which means that the picture’s size will decrease by eliminating data. The downside of this technique is the degradation of image quality every time you tweak and save it. The more often you change the image and its resolution, the worse the resulting picture quality. Over-tweaked JPEGs can also have pixelated fragments.

One of the main upsides is that the JPEG format is compatible with AI-based technologies used in image enlargement tools. JPEG is also a format well supported by different browsers, and most online tools work with it seamlessly.

How to enlarge a JPEG picture and avoid quality loss

Working with an over-edited image is often the reason for picture quality loss. Minor glitches and pixelation issues can occur if you’ve stretched or shrunk your JPG file too many times, worked with the same pic in multiple photo editors, or used two or more different operating systems for editing. Moreover, only changing image parameters when resizing will not improve the overall picture quality. 

The best way to avoid these mistakes when working with JPEG pictures is to keep several copies of the same pic. Therefore, anytime you want to experiment and change the file parameters, you can do it without ruining the original version forever. Besides, to enlarge your images, it’s always good to use a trustworthy online upscaler that employs AI-based technology for producing high-quality results.

Free JPEG-friendly photo enlargers  

#1 Depositphotos image upscaler

The free Depositphotos upscaler uses AI-based technology to produce impressive HD results. You can enlarge images to twice their original size and enhance the overall quality. Using this web-based tool, you will sharpen the visual, brighten colors, eliminate blur, reduce noise, and create an eye-catching, polished picture. To download the upscaled image, you need to create a free account. 

The upscaling process is relatively straightforward:

  1. Open the Depositphotos upscaler in the preferred browser on your device.
  2. Click on the Upload Image button and choose the JPG or JPEG picture. You can also drag and drop the file onto the web page.
  3. Wait a few seconds for your pic to be uploaded and processed.
  4. Compare the upscaled version to the original picture.
  5. Click on Download to save the image on your device and use it in your project.

However, your photos might be rejected if they exceed the upload limitations. According to image requirements, the file should be a JPG or JPEG, and weigh a maximum of 15 MB. 

#2 Zyro AI upscaler

This fully automated, intelligent AI upscaler will save your resources, as it works with both JPG and PNG image formats, and creates a high-quality upscaled picture in one click for free. Along with resizing, it enhances the quality by increasing the image resolution and creating a sharpened, bright visual. The tool doesn’t require registering or purchasing a subscription; you can upscale your files as many times as you need. 

To process your visuals, do the following:

  1. Visit the Zyro AI image upscaler web page.
  2. Choose the photo you want to upscale.
  3. Click on Upload Image or drag and drop the file onto the page. 
  4. Wait a couple of seconds for the tool to process your visual. The more complicated and detailed it is, the longer it will take.
  5. Check the original and upscaled version.
  6. Click on Download Image to save it on your device.
  7. Click on Upload New Image to continue processing more files if needed.

#3 BeFunky image resizer

This popular resizing tool does a great job of upscaling your JPEGs. It’s not only a picture enlarger, but also an online editing platform that allows you to manipulate and improve the overall quality of your pics. BeFunky offers essential image enlargement tools and various editing functions for free. 

The steps to using BeFunky online image resizer:

  1. Go to the BeFunky image resizer web page.
  2. Click on Get Started to access the tool. 
  3. Click on Open in the top menu bar to choose and upload your image, or drag and drop the file. You can also click on Batch to process multiple images simultaneously.
  4. Use the free editing instruments on the right toolbar to enlarge and manipulate your pic.
  5. Click on the Save button to download your resized visual either as an image or a project.


JPEG is the most manageable format to upscale your images for web use. Most online resizing platforms offer free and freemium instruments for creating enhanced HD visuals. Designers, digital artists, and photography enthusiasts also use online upscalers to quicken their workflow and benefit from free AI-powered tools. Join their ranks and try out the presented enlargers; find the best one for you and start creating great-looking projects.

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