Top Tips for Making Your New Veterinary Surgery a Success

Whether you have been working professionally as a veterinary surgeon for a number of years and now feel ready to launch your own private practice, or else you are part of a duo or team who are about to open a vet’s surgery with you bringing the valuable business acumen, this article is for you.

Here, to help your new practice meet and even exceed your initial expectations, continue reading to discover some top tips for making your new veterinary surgery a success.

1. Regularly Review Your Pricing Structure

Obviously, running a veterinary practice is, first and foremost, a business, and as such, the prices you set for both your services and your products should be focused on facilitating both profitability and revenue.

Just like in a plethora of other industries, veterinary surgeries are currently experiencing financial issues, mainly because of rising costs in many areas, but you should always remember to keep your price points balanced and only increase them when necessary.

Veterinary practices rely on loyal and regular clients, and building a rapport with both the animal and the owner means that it is better to have their custom regularly and at a balanced cost rather than only once at a heightened price.

2.  Join the Digital World

Hopefully, you and your team are already fully aware of the supreme influence that the internet, and in particular, social media, has on the success of a company, especially a new business.

With that being said, it is essential to devote some of your working schedules for the week, whether or not this means you are doing this yourself or else specifically hiring an internet-savvy employee, to use social media to promote your company. In addition, make sure that your official company website is 100% mobile friendly.

3. Partnering with Veterinary Consultants

Choosing to contact professional veterinary consultants, such as, who are well-versed in both animal treatment and care as well as how to run a successful veterinary practice, is one of the wisest decisions you could possibly make.

Working with a renowned veterinary consultant has a whole host of benefits, which usually include the following:

  • Valuable assistance with general practice management
  • Legal services and compliance
  • Marketing and advertising strategies
  • Financial bursaries and cost-saving techniques
  • Heightened level of client service and satisfaction levels

4. Hire Carefully!

The fourth most sensible way to ensure, as much as feasibly possible, that your veterinary practice will grow and go from proverbial strength to strength is to ensure that every single member of your team, from the cleaners to the manager, is well-suited to this working environment.

Look for applicants who show not only genuine love and respect for animals but also strong technical skills and excellent communication skills. Being a people person is crucial when spending each and every day at work conversing with clients and colleagues, and if a new recruit possesses good people skills, chances are they will be fantastic with the animals too.

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