Top UI/UX Trends That Will Make Your Apps Even More Aesthetic and Functional In 2022

You’d be mistaken if UI/UX isn’t a priority in your app development.

The whole concept of UI/UX revolves around a simple interface that users can understand well and leading Android App Development Company insist on making the most out of it.

Your business will see growth if users can conveniently move around your app with minimal tech support.

In fact, app development companies hire UI/UX designers with creative brainstorming to put best efforts into what an app looks like to the end-user.

If it’s something so crucial then one must frequently update their knowledge about UI/UX trends to stay relevant in the market.

To achieve that let’s get started with what the trend looks like in the year 2022.

Glass Morphism

With a subtle background blur and foreground with soft text or image, glass morphism makes it a unique design trend in modern apps that give an aesthetic look

It gives a calm feeling and can be used on home screens or dashboards where minimal features aren’t cluttering.


As the name suggests, the objective of this UX design is to give a traveller, explorer kind of feeling.

It is achieved by using exotic locations, bright colours, or elegant designs and paintings in the background.

This works because users feel secure while using the app and make them feel the app is personalised for them.

3D Clay Morphism

With advanced animation tools, adding 3D elements such as a mascot for your app or a guide that explains the features is quite achievable.

The 3D features make an app look advanced and users find it fun and engaging to interact with it.

This also creates an impression that the app is in constant touch with the users.

No Password Needed

Yes, it is a common occurrence that users forget the password or can’t keep up with the frequent resetting.

Even the process of resetting seems tedious so why not eliminate the concept of setting passwords?

In this emerging UX trend, users have the benefit of logging through social media handles, their fingerprint scans, face recognition, iris scan, or OTP received.

Users who need to urgently log in don’t have to remember the password or go through the reset mode.

Neon and Holographic UI

Sitting well with the modern age of tech and Metaverse, the neon and

holographic UI gives a technically advanced look to your apps.

It gives the impression that the app is moving with time and managing to keep the look stylish and suited for the youth.

You need a team of experts in UI/UX to implement modern trends and keep up with your user’s experience, right?

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Your app will get a chic premium look with an out-of-box experience for your users.

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